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frankbean 07-22-12 05:21 AM

Buying a new ladies bike in the Netherlands
Hello! Am heading to the Netherlands next week to buy a new bike - ladies, leisure/utility, possibly a Giant, Gazelle or Batavus, as these are the makes I've hired and liked in the past. Can anyone recommend any good makes, friendly shops (preferably English speaking - my Dutch is limited to basic conversation, not technical stuff) and issues to be aware of? I've got a few days and transport to explore, so can go pretty much anywhere in the country... Many thanks and hospitality in Lincolnshire to you for your help! Cheers, Frances x

ironwood 07-24-12 04:05 AM

I think Kogo-Miyata bikes are excellent. It would be very hard to find someone in NL who doesn't speak English.

frankbean 07-25-12 10:47 AM

thanks for this... will check out their website... :-)

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