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mark03 01-27-13 02:15 PM

Guarded bicycle parking in Amsterdam
On an upcoming bicycle trip to the Netherlands this April, for one weekend I plan to take a night train from Amsterdam to Zurich. Rather than take my bike with me, I'd like to leave it in the city for those few days. I know there is guarded bicycle parking at several places in Amsterdam, but I'm looking for additional information:

Is there a time limit? Can I leave a bike parked for 3 or 4 days?
How much does this cost?
How secure is it? Do you still need a good lock?



K.Katso 01-29-13 07:03 AM

Check here:

you can click on the various points on the map. They all have different terms. FWIW I wouldn't leave my bike anywhere in Amsterdam without a lock.

mark03 01-29-13 12:47 PM

Thanks for the link!

You have me worried, though. This is the bicycle I need to tour on for two weeks after I get back to Amsterdam, so I really cannot take chances. I have a ring lock (wheel lock) and plan to buy a heavy chain once I get to the Netherlands. But are thefts common from the "guarded parking"?

I was also unclear on the time limits. I need to leave it 4 1/2 days. But if I understand correctly (using google translation of their policy PDF), after three days you cannot leave your bike locked, because the attendant needs to move it??

sparklebot 02-18-13 01:08 AM

I would look up AirBnB and search for garage/ parking might find someone through the bike touring websites that may take it in as well.

Also, search on this site:

Youaintgotjack 03-25-13 06:10 AM

If you still need a place we have a storage spot you can use for a few weeks, no issue. We're about 20 mins south of Amsterdam by train.

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