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polyksena 01-28-13 08:10 AM

Cycling in south Spain - June or July?

Me and my partner are planning to cycle along the coastline of Spain from Cadiz to Valencia. Since it is our first cycle trip ever we are not sure whether to go in June or July in terms of weather/climate. I will be very grateful if someone who has cycled near the coast in the summer, advise me which month is better June or July? Which is the drier of the two as wed like to choose a dry month with minimum chances of rain? Also, which is better in terms of temperature and winds? We are used to hot weather but 40 degrees is certainly not very suitable for cycling and another issue are the winds are they quite strong near the sea?

Thank you very much for your help. Any advice is appreciated.:)


Ekdog 01-28-13 08:22 AM

Hello from Seville and welcome to the forum.

The earlier the better. May would be even better. I'm a teacher, so I can only tour in the summer. I start my holidays on 15th June and like to get going on the 16th, but it's still usually dreadfully hot by then. The first part of June might not be too bad if you're lucky.

polyksena 01-28-13 02:16 PM

Hello Ekdog!
Thank you so much for the quick response and the advice! We also thought June (and also end of May) is better than July and your suggestions have confirmed that. Actually, we plan to fly to Seville first and spend a few days in this beautiful city :). Then we'll cycle to Cadiz and from Cadiz we'll head off east to Valencia through Gibraltar, Marbella, Malaga, Almeria, Cartagena, Alicante, Benidorm. However, we were advised that cycling along the coastline is not very nice due to very busy roads and heavy traffic and also not very safe in terms of criminal gangs around the tourist areas such as Malaga and Alicante which some cyclists had problems with. So, we've been advised to think about changing the route and cycle inland (let's say 50 km in from the coast) and then go to each of these places. But this means we'll need a lot of time (and we have a month for the cycle trip) and also stamina (we are still new to long distance cycling and it will be difficult to go up and down the mountains).

Having cycled yourself from Seville, could you please advise us - is it that bad along the coastline compared to inland? Also, do you know - does it matter whether we go west to east (as we plan Cadiz to Valencia) or it's better east to west in terms of winds and hills? Which direction is easier for cycling or both are similar?

Sorry for the many questions but there are so many things to consider and plan and we are new to this and it's always very helpful to get advice from someone experienced :)
Thank you again for your help and support!

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