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lukehell 04-04-13 07:47 PM

London to Mannheim (Frankfurt)
I am new to this forum, because I'm planning a trip from London to Mannheim (fairly close to Frankfurt am Main) this summer.

Has anyone done this or something similar? If you've been to Frankfurt that's just as good, I am mainly worried about negotiating the French and Belgian legs!

Don't necessarily need your detailed routes, any advice about how to even go about planning this sort of trip would be ace. It's 500 miles, I haven't yet decided whether to camp or stay in hostels. I cycle a lot, but have never done long distance.

I am just interested in hearing from anyone who's done this journey (or part of it), for advice!


4MooreFitness 03-16-14 05:08 PM

Did you make it through summer of 14? We just moved to Germany in sept '13. We are a little west of Mannheim.

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