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TTom0814 05-24-13 12:38 AM

Does anyone live in Athens Greece?
Hello, i was curious as if anyone on these forums libed in Athens Greece, if so i have a couple questions for you.

Zorba 05-24-13 11:31 AM

No, but I wish I did!

1nterceptor 06-14-13 07:34 PM

My brother lives there and I think we have a frequent poster
in the commuting section that lives in Athens. What are your
questions, maybe I can forward them to my brother. Me, I just
visited there for a week :)

DodgerGreece 06-25-13 03:49 PM

Hi from Greece, any question? :)

Hiyawaan 12-06-13 01:48 PM

6 months late. Is it too late...

RamoProCycling 12-27-13 02:31 PM

Well I live in Cyprus if that any good, you can keep my contact for a future plans :)

lopek77 03-14-14 12:25 AM

Is it too late?. You should post your question in the first post.
I remember Athens being really hilly...I hope he didn't take his single speed there ;-)

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