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jamestplunkett 07-01-13 11:39 AM

Buying bikes in Marseille to leave in Barcelona?!
Hi all,

I'm cycling from Marseille to Barcelona in July with three friends. We had planned to take our bikes with us but it quickly became a massive hassle (bike bags, flight charges, rental cars, etc, etc). As a result, we've now decided to just buy relatively cheap bikes in Marseille that we'll leave in Barcelona at the end of the trip.

I'd really appreciate people's advice on the cheapest way to do this! My current thoughts are to either:

(A) buy the bikes from a chain store in Marseille and sell them back to the same company in Barcelona
(B) buy the bikes in Marseille and sell them second hand in Barcelona via a Craigslist type website or
(C) just buy some cheap (but nice) second hand bikes in Marseille and leave them behind.

Does anyone happen to know:

- If there are any big chain store bike shops in France that might also have a branch in Barcelona?
- If there's a Craigslist equivalent in France and Spain where we could sell the bikes?
- If there are any good second hand bike stores in Marseille where we could buy good value road bikes?

Any thoughts very much appreciated! (Particularly if anyone wants to buy four nice second bikes at a good rate in Barcelona on Saturday 21st June!)

Thanks a lot,

lucille 07-02-13 07:39 AM

Check Decathalon's site, it looks like they have stores in both cities.
I'm not sure if you could sell a bike back to department store. But you could look up bike shops in Barcelona and contact them.

That being said, I would always prefer to ride my own bike. Yes, it's a bit of a hassle, but having a bike that I know and that fits me well is worth it, I think.
Either way, have fun. Great cycling in the south of France.

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