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leeburnett 07-02-13 12:02 PM

Buying a bike near bergerac?
Heyup bikeforums people,

Very new here, and also quite new to cycling long distances. I'm planning an open-ended trip through Europe from early September. I have to be in Bergerac early September, and then want to head towards Portugal, surfing along the way and doing some wwoofing as well.

I've done hardly any long distance cycling, and I understand that it's not easy. I will be training for 2 months beforehand. I know this isn't long enough in reality, but I'm just going to take it slow. I have no deadlines, so can just go slow and camp if I have to.

I currently have a Dawes hybrid bike, with front suspension that I can turn on/off. It was initially my idea to take this bike, and build a lightweight bike trailer to carry my stuff with me. Now I'm thinking maybe I'll sell it before I go and get something when I'm in Bergerac, and sell it when I want to come home.

Are there any good shops near Bergerac (willing to get a train to somewhere nearby) that I can get a decent bike from, and bike trailer. Preferably second hand, as I don't have loads of money.

And also any advice for a naive newbie?

Thanks a lot

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