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Greengrass10 07-03-13 04:57 AM

Biking routes in France, Italy and Switzerland
Hello all,

Can anyone suggest some really great biking routes in France, Italy and/or Switzerland? Biking routes which a relatively novice biker could do in 2-3 days (scenic, easy, flat lands, no or very little traffic), maybe with stops in between to enjoy some good food, comfortable accomodation and maybe an occasional tourist site or two. If you might be able to suggest some popular bike forums among residents of Europe or French speakers (like "Bike Forums" - in French language would be ok), it would also be appreciated.

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.


Atvar 07-17-13 04:50 PM

Hi Greengrass, I live in northern Italy and I could ask to my local cycling association.

also available in english:


Varese is an italian city near the Switzerland's border. (in Italian)

Hope this helps.

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