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Armas 09-03-13 11:44 PM

Renting a roadbike in Rotterdam and tips for long routes around the city

Next week I am going to Rotterdam for a few days and I would love to take a long bike-ride outside the city to get some exercise and see the surrounding area.

So. Where in Rotterdam can I rent a good road bike? I will bring my own personal gear, but I need to rent the bike for half a day.
I am thinking it would be nice with a 3-4 hours long ride outside the city. Can you recommend a nice route?

I am guessing that this might not be the bike-forum with the highest number of Dutch members. Can anyone recommend a good Dutch bike-forum?

ijsbrand 09-04-13 04:49 AM

For routes and trips, use the Fietsersbond routeplanner, it has an English interface nowadays as well. And click on the 'numbered junctions' option. It is very easy to navigate from number to number, without needing further maps or GPS, once you have learned to notice the signs on the streets.

About renting bikes: what do you mean by road bike? Not that I have any tips. But I doubt many rental services have bikes with drop bars, should you mean racing bike.

Armas 09-05-13 06:09 AM

great routeplanner, I will definately use it if I can get hold of a bike. Yes, I mean a racingbike. I thought a road bike was a bike with dropbars and thin wheels meant for roadracing?

bikerbob938 04-30-14 01:27 PM

I've fancied going there for a while, let me know how it goes, would love to hear if its a good place.

Harrynak 08-10-15 01:28 AM

Probably way too late, but for the future pehaps: In Rotterdam, and many other cities in in the Netherlands, you can rent road bikes via Rent a road bike - Rental racing bicycles Good luck!

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