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UmneyDurak 09-07-13 03:42 PM

Racing in Germany

What is the racing scene in Germany like? I did some searching, and it seems there are only three categories A/B (PRO, 1, 2), and C (rest). Is that still the case? Also what type of races are most common, Crits/RR?


biciklanto 01-14-14 10:20 AM

This is something I'm trying to figure out now, living as I do in southern Germany. Anything you find out yet?

martl 01-14-14 11:16 AM

Yes, the official (BDR) amateur races are held in three amateur classes ABC, with C being the lowest. Those classes are racing either together or in separate events. Other classes you may see mentioned are PT, PKT, KT (Pro Tour Teams, Pro continental teams, continental teams) and U23 - some races may be held for a few of these classes according to UCI numbering system, that depends on the event itself.
(A road race for B/C-Class will be noted as 6.6)

To gain promotion from say C to B, you need to have a win or 5 places (2.-10th place), and will be effective immediately.

To participate, you need to hold a valid license, typically obtained by joining a racing club that is a member of the BDR, and you need to register for the race in advance (and pay a small fee). Better clubs will do the registration for you.

At least contacting a local club should help a great deal to find suitable races in the vicinity! (ask around until you find one that has some racers).

What kind of races are held depends on the area you are at. Some areas will have more Crits, others more road races.

for a catalogue of all available events.

There is also racing for unlicensed riders, these are called "Hobbyrennen". Either held as part of the "official" races, or as huge commercial events like Velothon, Cyclassics, etc.

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