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victorian 09-15-13 12:57 AM

Bike rentals in Berlin
I am trying to find a shop that rents trekking or hybrid bikes in Berlin. From what I can tell from my initial searching, rental shops only rent city bikes (cruisers) and I would prefer something lighter and with more gearing. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

bikerbob938 04-22-14 11:30 AM

I've had a little look as well and struggle to find anything, have you considered taking your own bike, or buying one there second hand and selling it when you leave?

victorian 04-22-14 01:59 PM

I did end up finding a rental company that supplies trekking bikes -- it's Berlin on Bike. My family will be renting bikes from them when we go to Berlin this summer.

We did consider taking our own bikes, but the rental rate quoted by Berlin on Bike was low enough that, given the cost and inconvenience of flying our bikes from home to Germany, it makes more sense to rent.

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