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CanadianBiker32 04-03-20 10:16 AM

Lube For Winter
For those of you who ride Fat Bike In winter in the snow and colder temperatures.

What lube do you use for your chain? i am looking for something less gummy then what i am using now

what do you all use?

Tony P. 04-03-20 11:04 AM

Of course you don't say what lube you're using or where you ride, making it difficult to make a suggestion. I try to "stick" with Rock n Roll. Try Absolute or Extreme depending on conditions.

HerrKaLeun 04-03-20 03:48 PM

any "wet" lube will do.

Careful, lube questions will start wars.... the chain-wax and chainsaw oil people are ready.....

prj71 04-13-20 02:09 PM

There is no such thing as winter specific chain lube. Any chain lube will work.

MarcusT 04-13-20 10:03 PM

Squirt has a cold weather lube. If you are into wax based.

JeanVend 04-19-20 07:20 AM

Hi, i use motorbike chain lube on my bike. This work fine and dont need to relube everydays.

Im from swizterland, its cold and have lot of snow on winter:thumb:

See you:beer:

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