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qclabrat 05-30-20 08:22 AM

Trying out greenhouse tape for tubeless
Was using multiple layers of the gorilla clear repair tape for 80mm wide rims. Running out so was planning to order more for my new 27.5 setup when I came across greenhouse repair tape with is also polyethylene like the gorilla tape. Was only $20 for 36 yards so giving it a try. I got the 3" width version so won't likely need to wrap three times like I needed for the 2" tape. Comes in a few color choices but I ordered white and as an after thought maybe better with clear for other applications. Will report back on results if I get a chance to work on them this weekend.

DrIsotope 05-30-20 09:34 AM

If it's the same as Tyvek seaming tape, it will work great. The MTBr's swear by it. My next taped wheels will be done with Tyvek tape-- because I already have some from doing actual housewrap-- but I have to cut it down on the lathe to get it to fit my "normal" sized rims.

qclabrat 06-01-20 07:57 AM

Complete tubeless fail this weekend. The tape is thinner than stans stuff and pushed the tape and rim strips out preventing any chance of a seal. Next round used a thicker rim strip and two wraps of the tape. Spewed sealant everywhere from the rim cut outs. My other set are Holy Rolling Darryl's and work great with clear gorilla repair tape. This set are the newer Mulefut 80sl V2s, which have enormous triangular cutouts.

Has anyone tried tubeless with the redesigned rims?

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