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mtnbud 07-14-22 08:11 PM

Did the bike shop deform my tire?
I took my tire off my rim to patch a hole created by a screw. I don't have an air compresser so I took it to a bike shop to seat my tire. He said he put extra pressure in the tire to get it to seat and told me to leave it pumped up a day to make sure it gets a good seal. I looked at my tire today and it has streched out to form a large bulge across the tire near where the hole was. 29+ tires are hard to find and aren't cheap. If I keep the tire at around 15psi, it looks alright. Any pressure higher than that and the area that deformed starts to stretch out. I ordered a new tire and hope to get it on at home.

SalsaShark 07-14-22 08:57 PM

Sounds like your tire's casing was compromised due to it having been impaled by a screw. Sometimes it is just time for a new tire.
It sounds like the tire repair was performed by you - I do not see any reason to place blame on the LBS here.

mtnbud 07-15-22 08:38 AM

Tire says inflate to 12 to 30 psi. He inflated it to 60 and said to leave it at 60 psi overnight. It wasn't deformed until the next day, but it deformed where the screw penetrated the tire. There's clearly damage to the casing. This bike shop would never attempt to repair a tire. I was hoping to repair it myself to save $100. My main question I guess would be if I didn't leave the tire at 60 psi, would it have still deformed? It wasn't initially deformed at 60 psi. It looked fine until the next day.

Here's a picture:

I'm used to my vintage Panaracer Smoke and Dart tires. The casings on those were a lot tougher. Tubeless is a new thing for me.

Airfehr 07-16-22 08:39 AM

Tire looks jacked. It's a nice day to purchase new tires. Maybe of those booster pumps to to save on the hassle of having someone else braking your stuff. Before blaming the kid at the LBS. How much pressure is extra pressure and what is the max rating on the side of the tire? I'm assuming you are tubeless to need to seat the tire. To over pressure enough to bubble the tire I'm surprised the sealant didn't leak too.

A few here like there fat tires hard. I run 6 to 6.5 psi for dirt. 15 to 20 when seating a tire change.

prj71 07-25-22 01:22 PM

The bike shop should have never inflated it past 30 psi. Ouch.

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