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bobcat71 07-24-15 07:02 AM

still improving
Two years ago on my baby bike (24", 3 speed Townie)('twas all I could handle) we rode a 36 mile trail. On the way back I yelled at my legs to shut up and keep moving. Exhausted, but completed. This year we tried it again. I now have a 26" 21 speed Townie, and the ride was great. Now I know. The strengthening curve is stronger than the aging curve. The right bike helps. My only complaint was my knees, and they were fine the next day. Yep. Still getting stronger.
That's all. Just wanted to crow a bit.

OldsCOOL 07-24-15 07:10 AM

Good job! :)

BobbyG 07-24-15 10:55 AM

go, Go, GO!

bruce19 07-24-15 01:03 PM

Excellent. Good show.

OldTryGuy 07-24-15 01:19 PM

Crow away anytime you see fit!

climberguy 07-25-15 03:18 PM

You're not only getting stronger, you're getting younger--in physiological terms. Keep up the good work.

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