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Clipped in

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Clipped in

I took the plunge and bought some clip-in pedals, put them on my bike last night and played around leaning against the wall clipped in and out over and over. Today I was nervous about going out to ride all the tube videos talking about how everyone falls, all I can say is what a difference. I felt so much more efficient throughout the ride, and the best part was I never landed on my head.
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Originally Posted by Lefthook View Post
the best part was I never landed on my head.
Don't get cocky. I fell on my 10th ride. I was at a red light, the light turned green so i pushed off and clipped in. The guy in front stopped short so i hit the brakes and couldn't get out in time, so over i wnet.

My tops are:
Leave plenty of room between you and others.
Unclip early when stopping.
Always wear a helmet.
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I just fell the other day. It happens. My chain dropped going into my little gear and I was on a hill leaning opposite the way I normally unclip and I unclipped on one side then fell to the other. It's been years since I've had that happen but it does happen. It's worth it, regardless, for improvement it brings to cycling.
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Not trying to be cocky, more elated I didn't fall, and surprised what a difference being clipped in made.
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I almost did the opposite today. After riding clipless for a few years on my road bikes, I went for a leisurely ride with my daughter and chose the mountain bike for a change. It still has straps. I must have tired to unclip at least five times. Managed to recover each time just before it was too late.
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Yup. Fell today after riding clipless for a year! In fairness, I knew it was probably going to happen and had clipped out beforehand, but on the left side. I went down on the right. Was riding across some deep sand in a parking lot, figuring to get the the pavement 5' away...nope. Was going less than walking speed.

My top tip: think of unclipping like putting in the clutch on your car as you're coming to a stop. Once I started thinking of it that way, unclipping became just as automatic for me.
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Falling is part of cycling. It happens - even after years of not falling. However, if I were going to fall, I would rather it be clipped in and attached to the bike than have both feet flailing about or getting torqued/twisted when trying to catch yourself before a fall. Good choice going clipless.
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Glad to hear the good news.
+1 about unclipping early. Practice unclipping while riding so you'll be "prepared" for most emergencies.

What pedals do you have?
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I never fell down 'til I started wearing a helmet...
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Fell over on first group ride after going clipless, then, never again. I could go to the spot where I fell right now. Fortunately, it was just funny. Efficiency and safety is greatly improved when riding locked into your pedals. On mountain bikes, the verdict is still out...
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I have never fallen as a result of failing to unclip, but I did fall once years ago when I first started riding with toe clips. I stopped at an intersection, failed to pull my foot straight back, and down I went....
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If your clipless system has a tension adjustment, adjust it to the lowest retention required to prevent accidental clip-outs. If you are using SPD, make sure you have the multi-release cleats.

I went clipless a few years ago and won't be going back. I haven't fallen since someone showed me how to set up my pedals and cleats correctly.
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Practice unclipping both feet. Everybody have a dominant side and will usually unclip that side first. The problem comes in when you have to unclip the off side. If you have to stop and think about it, TOMBAY! If you practice unclipping the off side you have a better chance of getting the foot on the ground that you need. Try unclipping both feet at once.
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Just last week I witnessed a road biker fall over while stopped at a red light for more than 20 seconds. He took his humiliating fall in stride by laughing it off (realistically, what better option is there when it’s one’s own fault). But his fall (in conjunction with all the many other unnecessary fall-overs I’ve witnessed) only served to further support my decision to continue using good old fashioned platform pedals. I honestly have no problems with platform pedals, not even while riding in the rain.
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How to use clipless pedals.


From my LBS owner and a friend.
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Took me a couple of weeks to bust my behind the first time. Unclipped before the light and left my foot on the pedal as I coasted up to it. I didn't hear it snap back in but I figured it out on the way to the pavement.
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Every once in a while I still fall over. It has always happened at corners / red lights. I do unclip early but sometimes you still have to pedal a bit before getting all the way up. I've had the shoes clip back in then I couldn't put my foot down.

Most embarrassing moment was on the way home from work at one light where there was a bus stop. Pulled up to the front an went to put my foot down and just toppled over. Right in front of a number of people waiting for the bus. I think the worst part was that there was a bunch of Marines at the stop too. They came out to help me up, but I was already just about up before they stepped off of the curb. Turns out there is a Marine recruiting center right there too.

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One tip that I wished someone had shared with me was ALWAYS unclip the same side and just as you stop twist the bars the opposite way. I unclip my right foot and then as I'm stopping I twist the bars to the left. That automatically leans the bike to your unclipped side. Good luck.
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Expecting to fall because of using clipless pedals can increase the odds of falling. Self-fulfilling prophecy.
I used toe clips for many years, then power grips for a while and now have been clipless for maybe 20 years. No Arte Johnson falls related to foot-retention. Yet. (Sound of rapping on head.)
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