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Have you ridden a race bike?

Fifty Plus (50+) Share the victories, challenges, successes and special concerns of bicyclists 50 and older. Especially useful for those entering or reentering bicycling.

Have you ridden a race bike?

Old 10-18-16, 01:23 PM
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Originally Posted by GeneO View Post
That's some fantastic mileage.

I really like it (Diverge) except for the SCS thingy. The roads around here are too treacherous and there are hundreds of miles of rails to trails and prairie path. I think if I were more rural I would get a Roubaix, hell I might still as the 2017 looks a bit plush. If I can convince my wife, but it will have to wait as I have only put about 1300 mi on the Diverge since I got it in July.

@Miami, hope I am still plugging away at 71 (62 here).
I picked up a leftover 2015 Diverge Carbon Comp last spring... I just traded it in on a new 2017 Roubaix Expert. OMG!!! The new Roubaix is simply amazing! I've done 3 gravel races with the new Roubaix on a variety of road surfaces... From smooth & rough pavement, hard packed & loose gravel, including some very muddy roads and the Roubaix handled it all! I'm currently running a set of Clement MSO X'plor 32s.

The new Roubaix lives up to all the hype, IMHO... It truly is a joy to ride.. and RACE!
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Old 12-01-16, 01:20 PM
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I ride a Waterford RS33, Campy Record, built in 2007. I'm now 64, still riding it, probably be my last great bike. Handles like a dream, quick, responsive, comfortable, what's there not to like?

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Most of my riding peers ride race-geometry frames "just because" - read: vanity, pride, narcissism - but not set up as a racing bike, which makes it look awkward (but no more awkward than a bunch of 50+ men in lycra).
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Several in the 80's, Trek Rossin Mercian, when I lived in San Antonio where there was a large racing club and many miles of open roads. Road races would start in Texas and end in Mexico. Ten cents to cross the border on a bike. The good old days.

About ten years ago I started looking for a 'general purpose' bike. I got a Rivendell Bleriot. I'm a lugged steel guy.
I recently got a Riv Chevoit diagatube/mixte for a retirement bike. Cadillac ride. No, I did not drink the Kool Aid.

I may rent a CF rocket just for grins but I like what I have.

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Old 12-01-16, 09:02 PM
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My standard road bike is the same carbon frame that Lance won his first TdF on. Slammed -17 stem. My longest day rides on it were 250 miles, shortest under 15 hrs. elapsed, longest over 18 hrs. I was over 60 then. Nice, fast, comfortable bike.
Results matter
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Before carbon a pure "race" bike was in the order of 21 lbs or so. To answer your question though, yes, one of my regular riders is a Pinarello, full Campy "race" bike. It's a tad on the small size for me so I don't ride it more than 30 miles or so. I got it second-hand from a friend years ago who worked in a local shop and built it and the wheels himself. I find it nimble and very quick. I have to be paying attention or it will go sideways pretty quickly. I love the ride though. It's like a quick sports car ride.

On the other end of the spectrum, my Wabi fixed gear is sub 19 lb steel bike. It's set up with road geometry but not (quote) racing geometry. It's much more comfortable ride than the Pinarello but not quite as quick and nimble even though it is lighter. I can ride that Wabi all day and then some. I'm seriously considering getting the Wabi multi-speed model because of the luxurious, yes, luxurious ride.

BTW, I never raced bikes but I did put in a LOT of miles to stay in form during my cross country ski racing days off season and for recreation.

If you guys want to talk ski wax, well then, go for it! ROFL.

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I've ridden a few race spec bikes, mainly when renting in, say, Vegas to ride the Red Rock Canyon (don't waste your time on the strip, ride the canyon road) or when Cervelo or whoever has a test ride day at a local shop. I find the geometry and gearing to be impractical for the riding I do. I build my own bikes because that lets me select the gearing and geometry I want rather than just taking what the guys use at The Tour.

Race gearing is for racing, not recreational riding. I'm a big race fan, but I don't have any desire to ride a race bike any more than I want to drive a car with a roll cage and track suspension on the street. I usually set up my bikes with a mountain RD so I can put some bigger sprockets on it and I prefer bars that are at the same level as the saddle.
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Old 12-02-16, 02:43 PM
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My Felt F3 Ltd has a mfgr's estimated weight of 15.85 #, without pedals, but I've upgraded the wheels and so even with pedals, I'm pretty sure it comes in under 16. It's set up aggressively, with the bars low, and it is responsive and fun. I do not race, but the ride is perfectly comfortable for centuries.

I ride with a large club, most of whom are 50+, and most of whom are riding bikes more or less comparable to mine. There are some riding the relaxed geometries (e.g., Roubaix), but probably far more riding Tarmacs and Madones.

So yeah, there's nothing unusual about older people on "true" race bikes.
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Old 12-02-16, 03:08 PM
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Got three "race bikes" used by the professional peloton. Two are a Kestrel. Same one used by Denis Menchov in his Giro win the other by Carlos Sastre in his TdF win. Third is a Pinarello used by Team Sky on the cobblestone stages.

They are sweat, but my version weigh a lot more than those used in races. Mostly because of two of the large size water bottles, repair and took kit under the seat, and usually the GoPro on the handlebars. I don't use sew-ups either, which add weight. Not practical for recreational riders.
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Old 12-02-16, 04:38 PM
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Riding a race bike is a mentality thing. If you have 53/39 & 11-23 gearing you have a race bike. 50/34 and a 12-25 makes a 'race bike' much more usable. Now you (I) can do hills on it lol.
If you want to do longer miles, comfortably, have your bars only an inch or two below seat height (even level ain't so bad to the eye and with more comfort if you don't like turning your head up so much).
There have been many racers over the years who don't slam their stems, and advise not too. But alas you see a magazine race bike with slammed stem and everybody jumps on it because they think it looks cool. But thats how it goes.
I've only done fast groups rides, but on various race bikes over the years. I don't like the swinging bottom brackets that I've had on a couple of bikes...
But my CF Giant and Colnago have ended that. CF is stiff and shock absorbing. You can make a race bike comfortable without losing its race bike looks.
My old Mondia is twitchy as heck, but my modern Colnago is not twitchy at all, hmmm...
My 'race bike'.

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Old 12-02-16, 05:19 PM
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I have two race bikes - a Pinarello Dogma F8 and a Giant TCR. I've had a Retul fit done and as has been mentioned I don't have my stems slammed. I don't race but I ride aggressively (by creaky old guy standards), I think a proper fit is money well spent. When I went to purchase my TCR I actually went in with the intention of purchasing a Defy but after talking with the salesman about the type of riding I enjoyed and checking out my flexibility he assured me I'd be happier with a proper fitting and the TCR. He was correct.
When I retired I purchased the Dogma as a retirement gift to myself and intend to keep riding it until I can ride no more.
BTW I'm 64 and have had a hip replacement and surgery to correct a malunion of a pelvic fracture as well as achillies reconstructive surgery. I just maintain a fairly extensive strength and flexibility routine off the bike and do a Yoga workout weekly.
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Yes, I raced on this about the same time as some of the top riders. However, I was a notch below mediocre
Bernard Thevenet

It must have been because of the tires I was using

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Originally Posted by TCR Rider View Post
When I retired I purchased the Dogma as a retirement gift to myself and intend to keep riding it until I can ride no more.
Glory be! What a sweet retirement gift. As the owner of four Pinarellos, I've been mulling over getting a Dogma K8-S Disk for my retirement gift. So hard to resist.
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Old 12-02-16, 10:23 PM
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I have three full racing bikes - a 1980 Masi Gran Criterium, a 1984-ish Mondonico, and a 2005 Mondonico Futuro Leggero. The Masi and the Futuro are both very supple and comfortable frames that are smooth and fast, will no-hand effortlessly, and turn very well. The 1984 Mondonico is a little choppier in ride, but I've had it out on a number of metric centuries. The Masi and the '84 Mondo each weigh about 20.5#, where the Futuro is about 18.5 # But it has an ELOS tubeset, with 0.4 mm wall thickness.

I'm 63 now, BTW!
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Been pedalin' race type bikes since the 'real' 10 speeds in the early 70s.
At age 84 own and ride a Scott Plasma several times a week + a custom c/f tandem with 45,000+ miles on the odo. Tandem weighs 26.5 lbs (that's 13.3 lbs per rider). No longer compete and have covered over 300,000 miles on single bikes/tandems.
So, the answer is YES.
Rudy and Kay/zontandem
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By your definition, this isn't a race bike. But it still is.

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Every day I ride "real" bikes--if you have a good fit they are great to ride for very long distances--I cannot think of riding any else.
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My first 'race" bike was an Olmo, 1962. I used it long enough to achieve "Expert" status which is Class 1 these days. Then, after saving much money, I bought a custom Scwinn "Paramount" and rode it for a couple of years before retiring from road racing.
Years later (1980) I had Fred Hart build me a bike using Columbus tubing and Campy every-thing-else. I'm trying to find and re-acquire that bike.

At 75 yrs, I've learned to accept that I'm just plain old! My back hurts most of the time, I'm about to get my second Carpel Tunnel Syndrome operation. I daren’t fall down but have occasional balance problems. 'They' keep worrying about my heart even though my BP is 106/55 with a resting pulse of 49.

I have an '89 Merckx awaiting restoration and I shall restore it but it cannot be my main ride anymore.

Life's a B***h, then you die ;o)

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My 1971 Colnago, shown in 1974.

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Did a 140 mile group ride on one of mine, a 2015 Specialized Allez Comp Race. Averaged 20.3 mph. Wasn't the only old guy there.

Demain, on roule!
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In the 70's I had a number of road and track bikes, mostly Raleigh Team Pro and Schwinn Paramounts. Still have some and ride them occasionally. They're all sew-ups though which is a bit of a pain (in time and wallet).

My primary road bike these days is a Scott Addict that I really like. Age has taken it's toll though so it's not setup as aggressive as if I were a lot younger. Seat and pedals the same but handlebars are about an inch or so higher. I don't race anymore but sometimes do training rides with a local team with a proviso that nobody is allowed to drop back with me when I'm done. :-) I really like this bike but it can be a bit harsh for my old body so I may get something a bit more forgiving one of these days.

60 miles is about as long as I'll do anymore with 25-40 a more typical workout ride.

The bike that gets the most use now is my Opafiets that I ride nearly every day for food, groceries, wine, or to visit friends. It's my primary transportation.

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Originally Posted by Repack Rider View Post
My 1971 Colnago, shown in 1974.

the hairnet and the hair are awesome...!
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I just recently bought a Specialized Venge. Don't know about the 17 lbs, haven't weight it (it's the low-end model with stock wheels if anyone cares to speculate on weight.)
A little rougher riding, little more fit issues, etc.
From what I read, the Roubaix is a "comfort" bike but used for professional racing, too, so it's hard to say what is or is not a racing bike.
"be careful this rando stuff is addictive and dan's the 'pusher'."
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Well yeah my '83 is a crit bike. Except I don't race.....not even with folks winding down to go home

Don't got the motor. Never really had it.

My forum handle is strictly fanfare.
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This is my "real" racing bike, bought it last August:

S-Works Roubaix - as said above, people do race it, but it's really an endurance road bike:

My Kestrel is also an endurance bike - quote from their website:

"The RT-1000 is the ideal choice for enthusiast or endurance road riders who like to stretch out their mileage on the weekends, ride Gran Fondos, who may have back problems, or who simply want a top-of-the-line machine but without the race geometry."

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