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Fizzy57 03-16-17 01:19 PM

Just clocking in
First visit for me here just to say hello to everyone

RonH 03-16-17 01:34 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums and the 50+ forum. Tell us about yourself and the bike(s) you ride?

OldTryGuy 03-16-17 02:23 PM

Welcome aboard.

wthensler 03-16-17 03:40 PM

Hello and welcome!

stardognine 03-16-17 04:10 PM

Going by your username, you're late. ;) Welcome aboard anyways. :)

Biker395 03-16-17 04:28 PM

^ lol ... Yea ... it's about time!

Moe Zhoost 03-16-17 05:34 PM

Hi Fizzy. Where are you from?

Fizzy57 03-17-17 04:38 AM

Clocking in
Cheers for the welcomes chaps Im from Preston Lancashire UK
Ive had in the way of bikes a cannondale bad boy. A giant 275 and at Christmas my lad got me a colnago road bike which is a cracking bike however me being used to straight handle bars I prefer to ride my mountain bike. I have given the colnago a couple of outings and it's fast for sure. There lots to be said with the top builds.
I'm like many having a go to maintain movement and health.

ZIPP2001 03-17-17 06:29 AM

Welcome Fizzy !

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