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How to ruin a good ride

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How to ruin a good ride

Old 04-11-17, 01:00 PM
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How to ruin a good ride

or, How to turn a ride into a walk.
Went out Sunday (and Saturday) for a nice ride on the road. And it was, warm, sunny, with less wind than Saturday. After 25 miles or so, I wasn't ready to go home yet, so I decided to do a few laps of a local "park" to get some more seat time and relax with out cars. Well I got the seat time, but the amount of people walking and biking made it less relaxing than I hoped. Headed home. I had to go under a RR bridge, the road is full of gravel, dirt, trash, etc. under the bridge, so I was watching for that. It was also dark-ish, and the sunglasses made it darker. So I missed the pot hole, at 25+ mph. A quick WHAM - WHAM, a few adult words, and I feel the rear tire going soft, then the front. Yup, two flats at once. I carry one tube, popped that in the back wheel no problem, and a patch kit and I had three new co2 cartridges. I figured I'd patch the tube real quick, and be on my way. Now I'm pretty good at patching tubes, like most of us I've been doing it for almost 50 years. So I buff, apply glue, wait till dry, and apply the patch. As I'm putting it back into the tire, the patch fall right off. WTF. So I try again. the patch sticks, I put it in the tire, and inflate. The tire goes flat in an instant. Noe I have one co2 left. I patch the other tube, buff, glue, patch, install, inflate. All seem good, it holds air. I put my helmet back on, pick up my trash, and get back on the bike. Role about 30 feet and notice the front tire is only half inflated. Great. I used the last half of co2 to try an get the tire inflated enough to get home. No dice. I'm less than a mile from home, so I decide to walk(the wife is at a baby shower, and my son is a the climbing gym with his GF), in my road shoes. And of course, I was too lazy to get my cleat covers out of the basement before I left. At least it didn't start to rain.
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Old 04-11-17, 01:54 PM
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ah the walk of shame. dam. this winter I had 2 flats due to a broken steel tire bead. (I carry 2 tubes plus patches) used 2 Co2 cartridges & discovered a 3rd was a dud. good thing I carried 3. got home & ordered 4 more. BUT, I also carry a mini pump, just cuz ...
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Old 04-11-17, 01:58 PM
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I usually carry two spare tubes, sometimes three on longer rides.

Plus a pump in case my CO2's don't work. Still, it happens, had to ride on a flat rear for 6 miles one day!

Rick / OCRR
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Old 04-11-17, 02:28 PM
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So far my pump hasn't run out of air, although I've had a couple that wore out.

I've heard that some tubes have a release agent on them that must be removed (sanded off) before patching.
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Old 04-11-17, 02:29 PM
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I carry 3 spare tubes, at least 2 CO2's, and a mini pump. I had to change a flat 1/2 mile from home last Saturday. I guess I could have walked, but, still would have had to change the tube.
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Old 04-11-17, 02:41 PM
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Less than a mile with two flats? I probably would have walked home from the git go. Then again, I ride tubeless so I in the event of punctures I probably could have gotten enough air to ride home, at least gingerly.
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Old 04-11-17, 04:15 PM
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Flats are evil.
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Old 04-11-17, 04:20 PM
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Weird how often the CO2s don't do the job these days....
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Old 04-11-17, 04:26 PM
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I feel ya, brother!
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Old 04-11-17, 08:28 PM
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Zefal HPX
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Old 04-12-17, 07:33 AM
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What brand of patches were they? How old were they? Why do you think they did not take-hold?
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Old 04-12-17, 07:42 AM
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I'm in the two tubes, two carts, and a mini-pump camp.
Dennis T

Where there is a will, there's a way. Where there is no will, there's an excuse.

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Old 04-12-17, 07:48 AM
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4 spare tubes, one new folding tire, CO2, pump, tire boot, spare master Chain link.

All fits under the seat.
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Fred "The Real Fred"

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Old 04-12-17, 09:35 AM
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I'm a buffoon when it comes to CO2, so it's minipumpland for me.

I've also taken to carrying a pair of folding reading glasses (or in daylight, sunglasses that are readers). Nothing worse than having it all ... tubes, pump, tire levers ... and not being able to repair a flat cuz you can't see squat.
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Old 04-12-17, 11:32 AM
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A trick I read about on these forums several years back, Tie your tube in a knot at the puncture, reinstall, and go.

I double flatted once, had 1 spare tube and some crap patches. I did the knot trick and made the 6 miles back. The next morning it was flat but it was getting changed anyway.

I expected to feel a lump/bump at every rotation but surprisingly it was quite smooth. It is a pain to stretch the tube the extra amount but it saved me from walking.
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Old 04-12-17, 11:44 AM
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I gotta get better at carrying more tubes and possibly three cartridges. Being 20+ miles out (I always flat when furthest out) with a flat can be unnerving at best.

I had my first CO2 dud several weeks ago and it almost cost me dearly, until a nice fellow happened by and helped me out. I currently don't carry two tubes, but heavily considering it. Also changing tires out more frequently when signs of flattening occur.
Ride hard and ride on......
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Old 04-12-17, 12:01 PM
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A couple of stories.
Just this last week, I was riding along, had a flat, stopped to fix it. Rummaged around through my Carradice bag, eventually found FIVE Co2 cartridges, but couldn't find the inflator head anywhere. So I used my Road Morph pump. Got it fixed, took off, a few miles down the road, flat again, so I repeated the process. Got all done, and forgot to stow my old tube in the main pocket of the bag, so I went to stuff it in the little side pocket. And there was my inflator head. Saved me a few bucks worth of CO2 at least!

Second story- we're riding the tandem, normally have a spare tire, two spare tubes, and a patch kit or two. So we're riding along, have a flat, can't find anything wrong with the tire to cause the flat. Reassemble with a new tube, start to air it up, and BLAM, tire blows off the rim. Try it again, , tire goes flat again- and that's the last tube. Take things apart, and find it's a sidewall failure in the tire. Put the spare tire on, then open a never-been-used patch kit. Tube of cement is completely dried out. Open never-been-used alternate patch kit, same thing. So as a last resort, I took one of the old tubes, aired it up until it was about as big as in the tire, and put duct tape around that spot, then assembled back in the tire. That lasted another 60-80 miles or so and got us back to the car.
"be careful this rando stuff is addictive and dan's the 'pusher'."
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Old 04-12-17, 01:03 PM
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I have some prescription sunglasses with a pretty dark tint. They work well, except when there is a mix of shadow and bright sun (worst seems to be when shadow from guardrail falls on the right side of road). Then I can see nothing in the shadow and have no idea what is on the road or potholes. I'm thinking of getting a lighter tint so maybe I can avoid things that result in OP's situation.

I have ridden on flat clinchers (standard width rim and 23s). Not fun but do-able. Currently I am on tubs and haven't been carrying a glued spare -- just a bottle of the Bontrager TLR sealant and valve wrench. Haven't had to find out if it works yet (knock on wood). Fortunately here the city bus runs pretty much everywhere and in the worst case I can put the bike on the bus bike rack to get home.

scott s.
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Old 04-14-17, 03:40 PM
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Yeah, I did the 'walk of shame' about 2 weeks ago, when my SECOND spoke broke on my ride. Had to do 'the walk' with my bike over my shoulder. That should be worth extra points, isn't it?
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Old 04-14-17, 04:08 PM
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One tube, patch kit, and mini-pump is all you need for up to a half dozen flats.

Seeesh you guys sure those are CO2 not N20 Personally recommend neither...I thought this was 50+
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Old 04-14-17, 04:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Biker395 View Post
I'm a buffoon when it comes to CO2, so it's minipumpland for me.
Me too.
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I carry CO2 but I feel safer when I ride with someone with a mini pump
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Originally Posted by AlexCyclistRoch View Post
Yeah, I did the 'walk of shame' about 2 weeks ago, when my SECOND spoke broke on my ride. Had to do 'the walk' with my bike over my shoulder. That should be worth extra points, isn't it?
totally. when that happened to me cpl yrs ago I called daughter for a ride in a car. you totally beat me
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Most of my flats occur after I have told myself I need to mount new tires, but will get a couple more rides.......
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Old 04-18-17, 11:31 AM
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You can be prepared for a flat but its just as easy in my book to have something else fail. I bought a $1600 Gary Fisher Mountain bike and sheared the pedal off the crank arm while on a ride. I had a bottom bracket fall apart on an old Batavus road bike. $hit happens.
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