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JLDickmon 06-14-18 11:29 PM

I think I need this..
being the Old Fart I am..

Old Fart Cycling Team Jersey by Primal Wear Men's Short Sleeve Vitruvian Man with DeFeet Socks - LOVE2PEDAL.COM

Comes in sizes up to 5x, So it will fit even my big belly.

bruce19 06-15-18 05:27 AM

I'm only 72. Think I'll wait 'til I get old.

OldTryGuy 06-15-18 05:54 AM

No jersey for me at this time. Unlike many, I have had no issues with owning-up to considering myself as being old since I turned 55 and for sure since the time I started collection SS. I took pride in walking my first marathon at an old 61 and completing my first IRONMAN triathlon at an older 63 and now being able to hop on my bike and ride 100+ miles comfortably as I approach 68. OLD is more structurally than mentally.

RonH 06-15-18 10:39 AM

I bought this when I was just a kid of 66 in ATL. I'm now 73 and here in FL I'm not always the old guy in the group. :twitchy:
I think the red, gray and white version is nicer looking but wasn't available 7 years ago.

TimothyH 06-15-18 01:18 PM

I might be old, or even an old fart, but I'll never wear a jersey like that.

Lazyass 06-15-18 03:55 PM

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