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FamilyMan007 07-13-18 05:04 PM

Prudential 100-mile closed road event - July 29th 2018
I was lucky enough to get a ballot entry for the above event (I fancy the odds for 'overseas' category must be better than for locals - a relative living in UK has tried some 4 or 5 times and never been successful).
~ Gives me opportunity to visit the grand-children in Oxford for a second time in 2018
~ Staying in a hotel in Whitechapel area for Saturday / Sunday night
~ My start time is 8:48am (seems unduly precise)
~ I plan on wearing my '50+' jersey.

I understand there are some 25,000 participants:
~ Just wondering if anyone else from the 50+ forum is participating?

BlazingPedals 07-15-18 02:14 PM

I've never heard of it, but 25,000 would make it huge; as big as RAGBRAI is in the U.S.

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