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How long do you expect to ride your age?

Fifty Plus (50+) Share the victories, challenges, successes and special concerns of bicyclists 50 and older. Especially useful for those entering or reentering bicycling.

How long do you expect to ride your age?

Old 08-01-18, 03:26 PM
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When I turned 50 I did 106 miles and thought I should just do double my age every year. I'm turning 60 this week and just planning on a century (this Saturday). It's going to be topping 90 with some humidity added on for good measure. The first 62 miles will be at the Tour de Tonka with some friends. Afterwards I'll zip home and do the remaining 38 or so. I've been doing 45-50 mile rides each weekend so it shouldn't be too bad as long as I drink lots and eat enough. If for some insane reason I think I have another 20 in me I'll do it, but that's very unlikely.
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Old 08-01-18, 06:32 PM
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Next Wednesday I'll be 68 years old and that will be my goal, weather willing. Of course I do have an out without violating the ride your age mandate. Everyone tells me that I act like a 5 year old so...
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Old 08-01-18, 08:41 PM
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My goal is to do the mile-per-year-of-age 'Birthday ride' up to a point. OK, so I turned 60 this year. 60 miles is 3-1/2 hours of saddle time at my usual commuting pace of 18mph, but in reality for that distance, I'll need a break or two so a 4-hour (15mph) ride is probably more acceptable. As I get older, will I really have a half-day or longer to set aside to 'ride my age'?

So anyway, my thought is that starting at age 62, I start riding a 'Metric' century on my birthday. so that means 62.13 miles. That may be an admirable goal for someone that rides a bunch, so maybe I'll just ride my age in Kms and NOT miles... 62km = ~38 miles. That's still two-to two-1/2 hours at a moderately fast clip for an old-timer. Good enough for me.

Just ride what you feel, and forget the age!!!
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Old 08-02-18, 11:44 AM
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With an August bday it should be doable for a while (or are you talking about ever, not just annually)
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Old 08-03-18, 10:07 PM
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I've been a bit slack the last few years in terms of long rides, but inspired by this thread I decided to do a 135km (84mi) ride for my 70th birthday. Its a ride I used to do regularly in my 40's and 50's, so I thought "why not?" Went out, had lunch, came back, no problem. Now I just have to wait for the abrasion on my butt to heal up.

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Old 08-04-18, 12:43 AM
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50 1/2 today. I have no comment. Just inspiration from the posts
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Old 08-04-18, 05:28 AM
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With a December birthday, I never even consider riding my age ON my birthday. I have been riding it at least once/year for the past few though. Having the whole year to do it allows me to pick great conditions. So far this year was a day in June in Westfield, MA. Perfect weather, perfect breakfast (blueberry crunch pancakes), perfect machine (1974 Crescent 92319) and perfect trail (the Farmington rail trail series between Westfield and Farmington, CT). When I reached the 30 mile point going south I found more trail than expected, and felt great, so I decided I'd keep on to the 34 mile point then turn. Overran my 66 mile goal before reaching the car so I 'ticked that box'. Felt great too.

"By the time I reach 100, this may take some real planning."
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Old 08-06-18, 11:18 AM
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I started riding four years ago at 49. I took the day off from work on my 50th birthday to ride my first half century. 11 months later I did my first century, but I've done a birthday ride each year near my actual birthday. I'm shooting for a birthday ride until I'm 75. We'll see...
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Old 08-06-18, 09:51 PM
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Did it for 15 yrs and stopped after my 65 birthday.
It wasn't easy in NJ as I am a January baby.
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Old 08-10-18, 09:14 AM
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JUST missed a triple yesterday with 201 of the required 204. Cooler weather would have been better.
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Old 08-10-18, 09:23 AM
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How long - about 3-3.5 hours.
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Old 08-11-18, 10:16 AM
Retro Grouch 
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Originally Posted by wphamilton View Post
How long - about 3-3.5 hours.
I'm thinking I could do it in 2 or 3 days pretty comfortably.
My greatest fear is all of my kids standing around my coffin and talking about "how sensible" dad was.
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Old 08-21-18, 06:20 PM
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I expect 200 mi at 200 years.
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Old 08-21-18, 07:06 PM
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I am working towards being able to ride my age again: I am 17 miles short currently.
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Old 08-22-18, 04:53 AM
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Just turned 65 yesterday. Did a 70 mile ride the day before, about 1/3 gravel. I do plan on doing some longer rides before the prime riding season is over. Hope to be able to ride my age for a bunch more years.
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Old 08-22-18, 07:36 AM
Let's do a Century
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I have a cycling friend that was an elite cyclist and just turned 80. Heís slowed quite a bit from his elite years but is still able to comfortably ride his age. It will be interesting to see how long heís able to sustain the Birthday ride as he matures.

Iím at least a notch or two below his abilities but at 65 I can still ride 200 milers. Iím thinking that if I can still ride my age into my early 80ís thatís pretty dog gone good. It really does help if you have a good group of others riding with you with the goal of the ride focused on helping the elder rider complete the miles.
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Old 08-22-18, 03:44 PM
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Ride Your AGE! That is setting the bar pretty low. I go for century on or near birthday. Still on track to do it in about nine months when I turn "80." BTW - riding age on your birthday should not be a requirement. You hold that age for a whole year so I figure it counts anytime that year.

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Old 08-23-18, 07:16 AM
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I'll bike my age until the last time.
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