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Rear mud guard/fender recommendations?

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Rear mud guard/fender recommendations?

Old 09-08-18, 10:28 AM
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Rear mud guard/fender recommendations?

I know this isn't a 50+ issue only, but thought I would ask my peers any way. As I have gotten back into riding over the last few years, I am starting to ride in a greater variety of weather. Today I went out after a fairly heavy rain last night (and the last few days). In San Antonio, the MUPs are built in the flood plains. It's a great use of the space, but with rain, you get some high water and mud. Today I merrily rode through crank-deep water in a few spots along with patches of mud. When I finished a nice 20 miler, I had the infamous rooster tail of mud up the back of my white (of course) shirt.

My question, are the clamp-on the seat post rear fenders worthwhile? My frame caught most of the mud/spray coming off the front tire, do I really need to worry about that? I like the idea of easy on/off for the fenders as I will only need them on occasion where I live. Usually here it's hot and dry... or hot and muggy, wet is only a few times a year.

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Old 09-08-18, 11:38 AM
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I've used some partial fenders from Planet Bike that attach quickly to the seat stays and fork blades. It's definitely not full coverage, but better than nothing. They are called "SpeedEZ" on PB's website:

They also sell a variety of the seatpost mount crud shields intended to keep the goo off of you.. that you asked about. No personal experience with these.

Steve in Peoria
(where it's wet enough to justify one or two bikes with full fenders)
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Old 09-08-18, 11:43 AM
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I have used the easy on-off Planet Bike fenders as well, and they are acceptable. They will not protect you as well as full fenders, but they will definitely do better than the seatpost monted types.
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Old 09-08-18, 12:24 PM
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It's the bikes without full mudguards I rarely ride. now, Here.

2, planet bike, (Small 20& 16" wheel; injection Molded polycarbonate )

the others SKS, a thermoplastic over a foil core..
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Old 09-08-18, 02:58 PM
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I'll just put in a word for full fenders. They might not be worth it to you. And your bike may not have the fittings that make mounting fenders easy.

Full fenders will keep your bike cleaner, and your feet a lot drier. They are fantastic for riding after a rain, on soaking wet roads with puddles. I stay completely dry, with a few drops splashing onto my shoes.

It probably takes me less than 10 minutes to mount the fenders. My bike is hanging from the repair stand with the wheels off. My frame has threaded mounting points at the rear hub, at the seat stay, and near the bottom bracket. On the front wheel, a fender hole through the fork crown, and mount points at the end of the fork.
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Old 09-09-18, 03:23 AM
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I use an Ass Saver. I actually have the extended version which is a bit longer but for some reason isn't made anymore. It fits betwwen my saddle (Fizik Arione CX) and my saddle bag just fine, never had it fall of like the reviewer at roadcc. You could probably make one yourself a bit cheaper out of an old juice container but you'd really need to by an Ass Saver first (or borrow one from a friend) to use as a template.

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Old 09-09-18, 05:46 PM
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No front fender= I hate myself
No rear fender= I hate everyone else.
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Old 09-10-18, 11:29 AM
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One of the hardest rains I was ever in was in San Antonio - during Hemisfair!

"Ideally the enthusiastic cyclist needs at least three different machines." Teach Yourself Cycling, Reginald Shaw, 1953

N+1. Bad weather bike. Fenders. Lights.

...wet is only a few times a year.
This doesn't have to be that expensive. Craigslist is your friend.

SKS Longboards. Word.

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Old 09-10-18, 03:18 PM
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I use these and highly recommend them. Fairly inexpensive and easy on and off.

sks x-dry xl rear

Ride your Ride!!
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Old 09-11-18, 12:39 PM
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I put planet bike fenders on the old mountain bike that I use for my early morning rides but I wouldn't choose those if I was going to only put them on when it's raining. I actually don't ride in the rain very often but even after a rain or heavy mist/fog, you'll get wet on your back if you ride more than a short distance.

For taking on/off, I'd look at the seat post mounted fenders.
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Old 09-17-18, 10:08 AM
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There's a reason why full coverage fenders exist. It's because the not exactly full coverage fenders don't exactly work as well.
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Old 09-17-18, 07:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Ogsarg View Post
I actually don't ride in the rain very often but even after a rain or heavy mist/fog, you'll get wet on your back if you ride more than a short distance.
I don't mind being soaked by rain which is essentially clean water. But the spray off the road is anything but clean and sometimes the stains don't come out. I installed SKS thermoplastic fenders 4 years ago. I like them because they take a fair amount of abuse without problems (so far), were reasonably easy to install, are easy to adjust if they do get knocked out of alignment, and they match my silver bike nicely.

I can see the draw of small fenders in an area that gets minimal rain though.
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Old 09-18-18, 04:57 PM
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I have full coverage SKS longboards on two of my bikes. On the road bike they have tight clearances (maybe too tight). On my MTB-based commuter there is a finger or two clearance, plus a leatherette panel on the rear of the front fender that skims the ground.
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Old 09-19-18, 07:56 AM
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If, on a scale of 11-10, full coverage fenders represent a 10; then all other partial and quick release fenders exist in the 1-3 zone. They may be better than nothing but not by much.

Put some mudflaps on the back of both full coverage fenders and you're dialed up to 11.

Sometimes you have to chip out some dried worm carcasses from inside your fender. Your fenderless ride mates have to check for stowaway worms before every swig from the water bottle. (And it's hilarious when they don't!).
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Old 09-20-18, 06:18 PM
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I'm considering some snap on/off fenders for my casual ride hybrid. It came with SKS Bluemels that are too narrow for the tires I prefer. The bike originally came with 700x32 tires and those SKS fenders fit. But I prefer Continental Speed Rides, nominally 700x42 but actually closer to 700x38 -- just a bit too wide for those fenders in that size, and almost too wide for the full swing of the front derailleur. If I could find narrower tires I like as well I'd put those Bluemel fenders back on the bike.

For minimizing rooster tail, I've found rear racks do pretty well. Especially when loaded. I've gone for groceries a few times and gotten caught in the rain. When the folding panniers are opened and filled and there's something lashed to the top of the rack, it blocks most water/mud spritz, except for my feet.

With a front rack, adding a snap-on mudguard on the down tube would probably give the shoes a little more protection.
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Old 09-24-18, 03:56 AM
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I’ve found Musgards to be convenvient to carry and easy to attach when needed. I originally bought it because of the clever design but found it to be quite useful.

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Old 09-25-18, 05:05 PM
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If you can fit full fenders, Velo Orange has a good selection of sizes and finishes. I have a set of their 52mm 'Zeppelin' fenders on one bike. The fenders come with a bag of pieces and parts that address the various attachment needs of different bike designs. If you're missing a particular doodad VO probably sells it on their website.

The fenders in the photo are actually sized for 700c. The wheels on that bike are 650b with 38mm tires so I had to wrestle with them a little bit to get a tighter curve. The front fender has a slight 'spring' in it at the fork crown. The rear fender is a pretty consistent radius that is held in place by the stays and a VO 'Spring Thing' at the lower chain stay crossbar (behind the bottom bracket).

1000 miles or so this summer and they have stayed put with no rattling.

Also, it is good practice to use safety-release devices for attaching the fender stays where possible (especially on the front) - like these: https://www.planetbike.com/store/pro...tabs-pair.html

The idea is that if you drag a big stick into the space between the fender and the wheel, the safely releases will let go of the stays before the fender jams the wheel to a dead stop and you go flying. I just used the hardware that came with the fenders - not sure if it will function as a safety release or not.

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Old 09-27-18, 08:09 AM
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aren't there full coverage fenders that are snap on? but if it's just the rear that's bothering you maybe you can just add a rear rack & small trunk bag. pretty convenient thing to have!

I know these come wider, but they might come narrower too. if not, just put the back one on
SKS Velo 42 Urban Snap-On Bicycle Fenders - Pair

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Originally Posted by kbarj View Post
...wet is only a few times a year.

This works for me in that cases:

SKS (X-BLADE 29 Zoll also for 27,5 Plus)

I have to use it to protect leather saddle.
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