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zjrog 04-15-19 08:57 PM

Originally Posted by ColonelSanders (Post 20886425)
You can get an adapter that allows you to run your downtube shifters from your stem.

Microshift brifters are inexpensive enough as well. And let me keep the rest of the original drivetrain...In the C&V retro roadies wih STI thread, I saw a great Nishiki with the same brifters... Nice idea. And keeps common controls between most of my bikes...

zjrog 04-28-19 11:33 AM
Decided on the Rigida wheelset and 105 5600 hubs. Added a spacer for the 7 speed cassette and it shifts perfectly. No adjustments needed!

bruce19 05-08-19 08:11 AM

You can tell her at least it's not a Testarossa.

zjrog 05-08-19 04:44 PM

Originally Posted by bruce19 (Post 20919729)
You can tell her at least it's not a Testarossa.

Yeah, that would be a marriage killer to even consider a Testarossa. Though, she does love a good red Ferrari...

zjrog 05-12-19 03:32 PM

Redhead taken for another spin. Fun. Fast. Quick, well, quick for me.

As much as I like this bike, I may need to let her slip out of my life. A new bike presented itself...
2006 Cannondale CAAD8 R1000. Was never ridden, was a donor for a carbon fiber bike... Snagged for dirt... DTSwiss R1800 wheelset Giant LTD Edition, were cheap. SRAM Red crank and FD, SRAM Force 2x10 brifters, carbon seatpost, Cobb saddle, FSA handlebars and more were gifts from a friend. With the friend tax imposed, consisting of riding with him later... I can afford that sort of tax...

The Redhead stays, though. Unless a ridiculous offer comes around. Otherwise, she will stay as she is. 7 speeds and all.

zjrog 06-09-19 10:22 PM

I have decided to let my son in law use the Redhead. Out for a ride today with my daughter and him, the hybrid my daughter had been using before she got her 98 Schwinn Passage, decided to eathe 21 year old freehub. I'll get the Redhead back when he finds a bike he wants.

The hybrid was beating him up pretty bad before it ate the freehub. I think he will enjoy the Redhead for a bit. Or maybe the 98 Cannondale R200...

With my 1986 KHS Fiero, and my 2006 Cannondale CAAD8, the Redhead was a bit redundant. As has been the R200...

While the bike is a loaner of sorts, having one out of my hands let's me consider another N+1...

Manny66 06-11-19 12:10 AM

Well im 52 and my wife is 33, and Im still riding bikes that are several years older than her.

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