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What Does Your Username Mean?

Fifty Plus (50+) Share the victories, challenges, successes and special concerns of bicyclists 50 and older. Especially useful for those entering or reentering bicycling.

What Does Your Username Mean?

Old 04-26-19, 09:39 AM
Seat Sniffer
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Bikes: Serotta Legend Ti; 2006 Schwinn Fastback Pro and 1996 Colnago Decor Super C96; 2003 Univega Alpina 700; 2000 Schwinn Super Sport

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What Does Your Username Mean?

There is a thread on the general forums about this, but not in the 50+ group.

I was just curious about our usernames. How did you pick yours and what is it's meaning to you?

I can tell you mine. I set off to create an email account that I was going to use when I expected to get spammed, and tried to get the name "Biker."

Not surprisingly, that was taken, so I was offered all kinds of variants:

Biker[my zip code], Biker[year], Biker[123], that kind of thing.

And it occurred to me that the number that meant the most to me was 395, for US395, the road that travels through the Eastern Sierra. That was available, so I took it. And surprisingly, THAT email didn't get any spam (I'm thinking whoever spams people prefers to use email addys that have names in them), so I used it as a primary email addy. That moved on to using the Biker395 moniker for a lot of things, and for better or worse, it has become associated with me.

So what about you and yours? How/why did you pick your user name?
Proud parent of a happy inner child ...

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Old 04-26-19, 09:42 AM
Hondo Gravel
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Mine is fairly obvious I like to ride gravel roads.
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Old 04-26-19, 09:52 AM
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I am a once and future randonneur (French: too dumb to know when to quit) who used to ride a recumbent (velo couche in French). Guess I was just attempting to appear sophisticated (HA!)
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Old 04-26-19, 09:53 AM
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A friend gave me the GadgetGirl portion of my username over 20 years ago. At time it referred more to my collection of computers and related gizmos. Now it refers more to my various gizmos (GPS units, lights, apps, etc.) that I use for biking and hiking. Since GadgetGirl was taken when I signed up here, I just added my state.
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Old 04-26-19, 09:57 AM
- Soli Deo Gloria -
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Timothy means "To honor God."
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Old 04-26-19, 10:14 AM
Flip Flop Rider
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wearing flip flops when riding whenever possible
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Old 04-26-19, 10:42 AM
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Bikes: Nigel Dean World Tour Specialized Allez

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Roy Baty thighs

Roy Baty is a character from "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" by Philip K. Dick. The character was played by Rutger Hauer in the film adaptation "Blade Runner" though given an extra t (Batty)

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Old 04-26-19, 10:46 AM
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cal (California, my home state, and the the University thereof, my alma mter) + oso (bear, sp.)
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Old 04-26-19, 10:55 AM
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Mine pretty much explains itself.
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Old 04-26-19, 11:04 AM
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Bikes: (2) ti TiCycles, 2007 w/ triple and 2011 fixed, 1979 Peter Mooney, ~1983 Trek 420 now fixed and ~1973 Raleigh Carlton Competition gravel grinder

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My first custom, a Peter Mooney ordered October 1978, delivered in May of '79.

I had that bike built to be my link to sanity through the crazy post-head injury years. Since I did not know where I would be living, this bike was designed to be ridden in the 48 stated 12 months of the year. So clearances for big tires, both 700c and 27" (1978 - what was the standard going to be and could I even find 700c in say backwater Maine), room for fenders. The bike had to be fast on the road and group rides, be able to tour, go off-road, climb, be a good all-day bike.

I realized year two the bike was named "Pete"; not for the builder or my brother or uncle, all of whom go by Peter and I have never heard called Pete. Since then it has done all of these thing except going 27". Recently it's been a fix gear. (I spec'd horizontal dropouts in the early days of verticals just so I could if I ever wanted to.) As a fix gear it is a classic English roadster. Now I am going to strip the fix gear drivetrain off and rebuild it to ride the Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder in 2 months.

Pete is 1500 miles short of 50,000. We have shared lives.

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Old 04-26-19, 11:05 AM
I'm the anecdote.
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I have a Mazda 5 that seats 6 people. I named it 56 and have the username FiftySix at a Mazda car forum.

I figured I'd use the same username here, even though I am 54 years old.
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Old 04-26-19, 11:27 AM
Pedals, Paddles and Poles
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Mine is a throwback to when I was skinny and played baseball. I was Da Spider, as I caught almost everything that came my way. That was a long time ago.
I think its disgusting and terrible how people treat Lance Armstrong, especially after winning 7 Tour de France Titles while on drugs!

I can't even find my bike when I'm on drugs. -Willie N.
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Old 04-26-19, 11:30 AM
In the wind
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Mercator is the name a famous cartographer took for himself in the 16th century.
I'm not famous, but I've been making maps all my life.
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Old 04-26-19, 11:37 AM
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Initials and real name, it means that I'm not going to post something that I'd be ashamed of.
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Old 04-26-19, 12:06 PM
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Mtl01 just short for Montreal.

Any hockey fan will recognize the avatar, lol.
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Old 04-26-19, 12:07 PM
just another gosling
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Old nickname bestowed by my riding group when I was the first to buy an all-carbon bike and loved it. Everyone else was ordering custom steel. They don't ride those custom bikes anymore but I still ride my carbon, so it's still deserved.
Results matter
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Old 04-26-19, 01:45 PM
john m flores 
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Bikes: Cinelli Hobootleg, Zizzo Liberte, Gary Fisher Hoo Koo e Koo, Serotta Tri Colorado, Raleigh Technium

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Umm...I'm boring...
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Old 04-26-19, 01:50 PM
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Bikes: 2022 LiteSpeed CHEROHALA CITY, 2019 Canyon Roadlite 9.0 CF LTD, 2015 Giant FastRoad CoMax 1, 2001 Mongoose Pro Triomphe,

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Mine is from back in the early days of ebay you could use your email address as your ebay id. Somewhere around 2001 or so they changed their policy. I needed a new id like yesterday. Not being particularly clever I came up with DowneasTTer. I was living in downeast Maine at the time and just bought a new Audit TT roadster so.... Anyway not being particularly clever.... I still use today. Oh while now living in North Central F,l I still have an Audi TT.
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Old 04-26-19, 02:15 PM
Moe Zhoost
Half way there
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Bikes: Many, and the list changes frequently

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My name is something I am always looking for. If you haven't figured it out already, say my name to a French speaker and they will let you know what it means.
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Old 04-26-19, 02:31 PM
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Mine is a junction of my first name and the French word 'chapeau' (hat). Micha-Pau ('eau' written as 'au' pronounced like 'o' in English).
Someone in France gave me that name because I was wearing a hat (which I normally don't) and because it rhymes with beau (beautiful) which was more a compliment than an actual fact... any-ways.. I live now in that country....
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Old 04-26-19, 02:33 PM
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Bikes: 8

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I used Dutch word for bicycle (visited a few times, not native)
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Old 04-26-19, 02:51 PM
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Bikes: 2018 Diverge Comp, 2016 Specialized SL4 Comp,

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I look out my window at Lake Champlain, all rides begin and end with a brief ride along the lake.
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Old 04-26-19, 03:46 PM
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It goes way back to my Toyota car days. I had a couple with the 4AG engine. Twin cam,16V. Hence the 2cam16.
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Old 04-26-19, 04:00 PM
Let's do a Century
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Initials of my first and last name + Professional Engineer (PE). Just thought it had a nice ring to it.

Some of my drinking buddies call me JP as I guess we all had nick names. One of my buddies is Pinhead".......
Ride your Ride!!
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Old 04-26-19, 04:06 PM
Let's do a Century
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Originally Posted by Champlaincycler View Post
I look out my window at Lake Champlain, all rides begin and end with a brief ride along the lake.

We are staying in Westport in July as a part of the FANY ride. Starting in Plattsburgh that day. Headed to Fair Haven the next day.

Familiar with the area?
Ride your Ride!!
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