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Hondo Gravel 05-25-19 02:44 PM

No ride today
Bacon wrapped pork tenderloin on the charcoal grill and ice cold beer. Legs are tired so no ride today. I want my 28 year old body back :lol: Anyways everybody have a great Memorial Day weekend.

mac_flyer9 05-25-19 03:06 PM

Did the Murph this morning and am destroyed. Ha. Prepping up 4 briskets and 2 pork butts for the smoker tomorrow. Recovery tomorrow and ride on Monday. Never forget and Happy Memorial Day.

rseeker 05-25-19 03:13 PM

Originally Posted by Hondo Gravel (Post 20947305)
Legs are tired so no ride today. I want my 28 year old body back :lol:

Same. That was me yesterday -- legs felt like two lumps of lead. Like two lengths of dead wood. Today would be a great day for an easy hike but I'm just walking locally instead. Maybe I'll do a night ride.

Enjoy the grilling.

Wileyrat 05-25-19 04:11 PM

Working on the house today. I'm going to try to get a morning ride in Tomorrow before it's back to working on the house.

Monday will be my work on my truck day.

Helderberg 05-25-19 05:42 PM

Went on a 3 mile walk on hills and a walking trail with the dog this morning before the temps took off. Tried to get in a ride after lunch but only put in around 8 and my legs just said they had had enough. We are in the 90's from now until the end of next week. Thought my 70's was supposed to be my golden years.

zarbog 05-25-19 09:07 PM

Heavy thunderstorms off and on all day today. Storms would pass, sun would pop out.'s my chance for a short ride. Check the weather radar map, next wave of storms 10 minutes out. Like this all day. Been a very wet spring so far up here. Has really cut into ride time. Enjoy your weekend Yanks.

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