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jppe 12-29-19 02:55 PM

Article on Strength Training
A decent article in Road Bike Rider on strength training for us wise and mature cyclists.

horatio 12-30-19 05:07 AM

Thanks for the link. I may have to try some of those exercises.

berner 12-30-19 06:21 AM

These days there is hardly any doubt that some level of strength training is beneficial and the older we are, the greater the benefit. As we age, there is a decline in many areas such as strength or mobility and even motivation. Strength training minimizes those negative effects. The trick then, it seems to me is to devise tactics that provide motivation which could be going to a gym for the exercise and social aspects or something else. For me, it has become a matter of habit to do some exercise every morning consisting of stretching and for strength. But each individual has to find their own motivation.

CyclingBK 12-30-19 08:11 AM

Great article, thanks.

The exercises look like they target the quads and core, which is excellent, but I think one could add some that specifically target the hamstrings and glutes and lower back.

I love Romanian deadlifts. I think many think deadlifts are dangerous for your back but provided there are no underlying issues, I think some light sets with perfect form are safe and have great benefits for the “posterior chain”

Romanian deadlifts are cool because you use light weight and only bend until the weight is just below the knees (you don’t go down to the floor)

Here is a good vid on form. Notice the weight is light, you just slide your rear end back, knees slightly bent, keep the weight against your legs, and just go a little below the knees.

TiHabanero 12-30-19 04:32 PM

What I have learned in the past 8 weeks at the gym is that form is everything. Period. It is critical to reap the benefits from any lift using bar bell or dumbbells. Struggle with dead lifts. Not easy to master and must be correct to avoid injury. Today I did five in a row that were correct. The other 25 were off the mark. Yes, I am a slow learner.

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