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ZIPP2001 08-08-20 07:17 AM

It's been almost a year !
Father Ray has been saying for the last month that he really wants to try a trail ride again. But he's not a fan of the real hot weather we've had and so he's stayed away. So Thursday night I get the call seeing if I was riding Friday because it was going to be a cool day. I let Father Ray know it's half day Friday and he's more than welcome to join me. Now this is only Father Rays 4th time on a bike in four years so getting the shifting and brakes down is our first project. He's been part of a men's group ride I put together every year. The bike shop allows me to take up to 15 demo bikes for the weekend for the ride. With the craziness of this year I've put off the group ride for now. This is one reason also that I have extra trail bikes and helmets. That way someone like Father Ray can come out a enjoy the fun of the woods even if he doesn't have a bike. So we ended up in the woods for over 2 1/2 hours with lots of laughs and just a plan great time. Light background on Father Ray he's an avid tennis player and in his mid 70's. Just having fun out in the woods, YA BABY !

BobbyG 08-08-20 09:58 AM
You performed a real mitzvah, Zipp! (...a 'bike mitzvah") Kudos to you for this ride, the yearly group ride and the bike shop for their generosity. Bless you all!

Tony Marley 08-09-20 06:16 PM

Great job! Good day for Father Ray and for you.

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