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jppe 06-09-21 07:13 PM

Day 1 Bike BBQ Brewery Beach Ride
Day 1 of the Bike, BBQ, Brewery & Beach with the High Point folks done!! 112 miles from High Point to Clarksville, VA. Itís not a direct ride to the coast but for good reason. Great group of 10 riders this trip. It got pretty warm but was fine as long as you were moving.

Massive Tstorm the last 10 miles. Lightning, dark clouds and hard rain but thankfully no hail!! Itís just a part of the adventure the ride leader planned for us.

BBQ in Roxboro at 77 miles at Smokey Daveís was terrific!! Our leader knows how to find good BBQ!!

Just 200+ more miles to New Bern the next two days. Tomorrow we go to Tarboro because thereís supposed to be a brewery there!

Mark Stone 06-09-21 07:37 PM

Nice! Looks like an excellent time.

Tony Marley 06-10-21 02:08 AM

Looks like fun, and a great group of riders. Stay safe.

gthomson 06-10-21 07:15 PM

BBQ, Beer and Bikes, you can't get a better trio! :) Enjoy for all of us

Cougrrcj 06-10-21 07:28 PM

DAMMIT!!! You're doing it again!!!

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