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Whatís the furtherest away from home youíve ridden a bike?

Fifty Plus (50+) Share the victories, challenges, successes and special concerns of bicyclists 50 and older. Especially useful for those entering or reentering bicycling.

Whatís the furtherest away from home youíve ridden a bike?

Old 06-27-21, 06:55 PM
Let's do a Century
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Whatís the furtherest away from home youíve ridden a bike?

Actually could be a multi part question, but just curious what people have done. You can interpret the question in many different ways.

For me, I live in NC. The longest distance Iíve ridden a bike away from home was in Maui. My wife and I rode down Haleakala at Sunrise when they were letting you descend from the top.

The furtherest I have traveled for a cycling event was to Tucson, AZ. But my daughter lived in Tucson at the time so I flew out to visit her, took my bike along with my golf clubs.

The furtherest Iíve ridden my bike from my house was about 200 miles.

What about you?
Ride your Ride!!
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Old 06-27-21, 07:06 PM
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250 miles. Took Amtrak up to San Luis Obispo and rode back.
Las Vegas, about 280 miles - rode out there in the spring and flew back to L.A.
Took a bike on Amtrak up to the San Francisco Bay area and rode around the City and places just to the north (Marin, Sonoma, Napa) for about 7 days, then took Amtrak back home.
I've done some casual riding on a 'city bike' in Great Britain while visiting relatives (maybe 15 miles?). That should count if you're counting the Haleakala downhill on a cruiser.

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I was in Africa on business, and went on a guided bike tour of Soweto. That's 8,500 miles from Indiana; a long way in more ways than one. It was a humbling experience.

I did the same in Pune, India. Not quite as far mile-wise, but an even more foreign experience. Population density isn't a term I'd heard of, but in Pune the combination of poverty and population density was like a punch in the face.
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Old 06-27-21, 09:18 PM
big john
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I've ridden to Danville, Kentucky but started in Oregon.
I also took the train to San Luis Obispo and rode back. Spent 5 days doing some side trips along with riding home.
I did do a tour from home once, probably got 200 miles from home.
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Old 06-27-21, 10:05 PM
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Drove my bike to Yosemite and rode around the Valley floor. About 150+ miles from my house.
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Old 06-27-21, 10:11 PM
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My wife and I rode 3700 miles following US Hwy 20 across the U.S. from Newport, OR to Boston, MA. Our home is 2 blocks from Highway 20, so we "camped" at home on the second day of our 74 day ride.

We also started another tour from our house. We rode close to 1000 miles in 25 days to attend our nephew's wedding in Visalia, CA.

The furthest place from our home in Oregon that we rode was Europe. We spent a total of 7 months (3 trips) riding a little over 7000 miles through 10 countries.

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Old 06-27-21, 10:39 PM
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Starting the ride from home, about 100-125 miles on some group century and double century rides in the 1970s-'80s. On some we rode up to 125 miles one way, then drove back home via friends with sag wagons. On others we did 200-250 mile weekend rides, so around 100-125 miles from home, and back again the next day.

I've never driven any distance to participate in a big event ride, or distant solo or friends ride. Although I'll probably hitch a ride with friends for the Wichita Falls HnH 100, although probably not this year.

I used to travel a lot from the time I was a kid, was transferred a lot in the military, and had jobs that demanded a lot of cross-USA driving. I'm contented with rides closer to home now. And due to injuries and illness I don't have the stamina I used to, so I can't handle back to back century rides anymore.
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Old 06-28-21, 02:55 AM
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When I was in my 30's I did a 70 mile out and back. I had planned on a solo double century but wussed out due to killer headwinds.
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Old 06-28-21, 03:24 AM
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Abu Dhabi, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore.
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Interpreting it one way, either N. Italy or S. Spain.

Literally (leaving) from home probably around 125 miles.

Riding TO home, around 5,850 miles across the U.S. and then some to my front door.
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Riding from home, about 60 miles from the house, to the start of supported centuries, to the far end of the ride. Then back home.

Farthest from home, drove to Yorktown, VA, then across the country to Anacortes, WA. Google maps says it would be about 2,500 miles to drive home from there.
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Old 06-28-21, 07:32 AM
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Longest ride for me: 65mi, round-trip.

Was out with a buddy, who was a fairly decent and serious amateur cyclist. We "pushed" the whole way. Could probably have done 100mi total, that day, but not at that pace. Of course, that was back in the day, not as an aging 50yrs-plus type.

Mostly, my rides have been sub-40mi round-trip, at a "commuter" type pace, more frequently in the 15-20mi range (round-trip).
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I've ridden from Sebago Lake in ME to my home in CT. Approx. 300 mi. in 3 days. Farthest start point from CT is probably CA. Went there in my Vanagon with my bike on a rear rack.
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Every thread should have pictures. A few years ago we brought along our tandem on a camping road trip to British Columbia from our home in Northern California. We enjoyed numerous rides on local roads and on the trans-Canada trail which consists mainly of old railway right-of-ways, some paved, some dirt.

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France and Italy, about 6000 miles as the crow flies from home.

I cheated, though. I took a flight there and back.

Col du Spandelles, France
Ride, Rest, Repeat

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Originally Posted by terrymorse View Post
France and Italy, about 6000 miles as the crow flies from home.

I cheated, though. I took a flight there and back.

Col du Spandelles, France
Similar for me: Oregon is home, I've ridden several passes in the Pyrenees and Cordillera Cantabrica, roughly 6k miles away.
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My son and I rented bikes at the Santa Monica Pier and rode around Venice Beach one afternoon while on a family vacation.
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My wife and I rode bikes around the vineyards and scenic towns around Siena, Italy. Boy do Italian drivers treat cyclists with reverence. Probably did about 65 miles.

Farthest ride from my front door, 100 miles.

Farthest ride starting 8 miles from my front door, 200 miles in a day, a couple of times.

Most climbing in one ride, 9,850í and 150 miles, started 45 miles from home twice.

Now I am happy with doing 30-60 miles with 1500í of climbing and calling it a day.
Road and Mountain 🚴🏾‍♂️

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The furthest I've ridden from home is just over 50 miles as the outbound of a century.

As far as riding away from home, I did enjoy riding around Paris on one of their city bikes.

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Dubai, Sri Lanka

I live in NW Ohio and ride frequently 1/2 way around the world from here in Colombo, Sri Lanka and also in Dubai, UAE..

Dubai, UAE Arabian Desert

Galle, Sri lanka with a young fellow
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Riding IN a distant place: Lived in California, biked around Scotland (Loch Ness is my favorite memory). 2nd place is Haleakala though the bikes were a disappointment in terms of gearing...
Riding TO a distant place: Biked from San Jose to LA a few times (~400 miles)
TRAVELING to a ride: ~250 miles to Bakersfield for a Century, ~150 miles to Ukiah for Century organized ride.

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I'm envious of those of you who start from home and ride long distances. I ride almost every day in my residential neighborhood but never get more than about 10 miles away from my house. To go further would take me onto roads I'm afraid to bike, so any rides further away from home mean driving the bike somewhere before I ride it.
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I've ridden bikes on 4 of the 6 continents that I've visited, and I'm eager to make it 6 of 6. I have no plans to visit Antarctica or to ride there.
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Oops, I misremembered one cycling adventure. In 1980 or '81, we drove from San Diego to Mexicali for the Mexicali-San Felipe bike ride.

Mostly I remember being struck by the stark contrast in the terrain and economy, between the more familiar Pacific coast side of the peninsula (riding from Rosarito to Ensenada) and the more barren and impoverished Gulf coast side from Mexicali to San Felipe. There were homes made of packing crates, heavy duty cardboard cartons for appliances, shipping pallets, whatever they could find. Much less rainfall than the western side of the peninsula, hardly any towns or businesses along the more than 100 mile route.

It may have changed since then, I haven't been back since the early 1980s. But at the time that region didn't draw the same tourism economy as Baja California Sur. And being during the 1970s-'80s it was a relatively friendly, peaceful and pleasant place to visit.
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