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big john 07-23-21 04:42 PM

Originally Posted by Riveting (Post 22154762)
Here in Denver, with hills everywhere and almost unavoidable, in order to maintain consistency of stress during knee-hab (as I call it), one must monitor time, and NOT mileage, since riding 10 miles uphill is not nearly the same as riding 10 miles on the flats. I typically choose to ride for a max. of 3 hours if my knees are bothering me at all. If only on the flats that could be 45-50 miles, but if I instead do a long climb up a canyon, those same 3 hours of riding might only be 20 miles (10 up and 10 down).

Different pedal strokes for different folks.

Same here, and when mountain biking, mileage means very little. Time and intensity are the metrics that matter.

big john 07-23-21 04:55 PM

Originally Posted by Biker395 (Post 22154741)
It looks like at least semi-retirement is in my immediate future. I've worked my whole life since I was 12 ... even worked through law school, which is pretty much unheard of. I'm hoping I adjust to it as well as you have! :thumb:

I worked full time for over 49 years, much of it physical and outside. The last few years they threw some kids at me, tried to make me obsolete. It was funny except for them giving more money and time off to the kids, one of them anyway. Stress ensued. I would have quit @62 except Mrs. John lost her job and we got evicted so the landlady could sell the house. Ended up staying on the job until 65. They asked me to stay and offered money, etc. No, thanks.
It sucks not having money to buy new bikes and stuff but so far, it's worth it.

Wildwood 07-23-21 07:07 PM

Short and slow rides? If less than 2 miles counts as a bike ride, then maybe I'm king. I have had at least 4-5road bikes to ride and wrench beginning back about 1997. I think the number is about 15 now.

Every time I make adjustments, swap saddles, switch out for a different wheelset, or just pump tires and ride a bike that calls out - I ride the neighborhood. some flat+up/down+curves all paved. Sometimes many one-milers in a day.. Love it. Hardly ever a car up this dead end road. And at an old age, a few little rides on many days is enough to stretch the old body, pedal the legs, smile & feel ready for comfort on the real rides.

The upper vineyard is a regular stop. See that saddle needs adjusting. :)

Sometimes, you get to the bottom of the hill where the buck slop slides and dodging the road cakes is de rigeur.

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