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Cardiologist discharged me!

Fifty Plus (50+) Share the victories, challenges, successes and special concerns of bicyclists 50 and older. Especially useful for those entering or reentering bicycling.

Cardiologist discharged me!

Old 10-20-21, 12:45 PM
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bikeeagle1 eatontkd

"To the OP, how did you do it?" 51 pounds in 3 months.

The short story. I invented Keto before Keto was cool. I studied like hell, I have over a thousand + hours in study the past 6 years probably several thousand hours. My study lead me back to bicycling as a part of my anti cancer program. Cancer hates sweet and very oxygenated blood.

The weight loss industry is a profit making scam. Think about it. DW used to attend a weight loss meeting once a week for 35 years. I will generically call them WW. If they came out with a diet that actually worked it would be copied and they would go out of business. There would be no need for them. All you would have to do is search the internet for thier plan. They nickel and dime their customers with all sort of fees. The weekly weigh in fee, the magazine, the internet fee, the forum fee, you have to buy their food, they have trinkets for sale at every meeting. Its basically calories in. calories out, move more. All current diets boil down to that. WW admits that less than 1% of thier customers loose weight and keep it off for 12 months or more. It is based on the false premises of calorie counting, a dis-proven theory that makes a lot of profit. The fed govt says less than 6/10 of 1% keep it off.

The problem with Keto is it is knowlege based and no one can make money on it if telling the truth.

Please understand. My version of the diet is an Extreme version of the diet. I was willing to suffer the extra mile to get extreme results fast. But when you loose 13 pounds in the first 15 days you are motivated. 225 to 142 this morning. below 170 is the weight loss slows. the last 15 pounds took a couple years. You dont tell Keto what you want to weigh. You follow the plan and if tells you. I wanted to stop at 159 but my body said differently.

I type slow so dont expect 10 pages of detail here. The biggest anti Keto argument is the amount of saturated fat you eat. Please search the American Colleg of Cardiology website, The American Heart Association website( yeh, the ones who took the 17 million dollar bribe , in 2015 dollars to endorse vegetable oil in 1947). the American Diabetes Assoc. THe american Dieticans assoc, the Federal Govt, any of the websites). What you wont find is any of them criticizing saturated fat. How do you do a 180degree flip flop? you remove one page at a time from your webpage and 10 years later deny you said that and demand proof or ignore it. Ask your allopathic doctor how many hours of nutrition study they got in medical school. Allopathic has an MD behind their name. Hint: 2 hours. The Flexner report was adopted 100+ years ago. and adopted the non nutrition n based model for a fee. The Army now has an exemption to the food pyramid requirement because of the # of type 2's among the youth. The DR.s can prescribe keto to diabetic soldiers so the chow hall will feed them keto.

Lunch is way past over.

Former tight 38" belt. now a loose 32"
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Old 11-05-21, 11:05 PM
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Hopefully I'll be in those shoes before too long.
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Old 11-08-21, 10:30 AM
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Originally Posted by YoungGoat
The biggest anti Keto argument is the amount of saturated fat you eat.
I thought the biggest argument was that many people find it extremely difficult to maintain long term, especially if taken to extremes. I know I couldn't live on a strict ketogenic diet.
I think the truth is that diet is a very personal thing and there isn't a unique solution for everyone. The one thing proven not to work is eating large quantities of junk food, which unfortunately is exactly what millions of people do today!
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Old 12-27-21, 09:18 AM
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Originally Posted by bike eagle
To the OP, how did you do it?
My apologies for a late reply.

Three years ago, after the cardiologist scare, a sleep study proving I needed CPAP and a few other health scares, I sought bariatric surgery. At the time, exercise was difficult, my right knee was failing, and my left ankle needed fused. After bariatric surgery, my blood pressure came down fast, and non longer needed meds. Last year I worked my heart and water meds, earlier this year I weaned off my gout meds. I lost 140 pounds. Resting heart rate went from 105 to 57... Year ago October, I had my right knee replaced. So much easier than when I had my left replaced 11 years ago. I'm moving forward soon with left ankle fusion. And hope I can get back to riding within 5 months or so.
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Old 01-05-22, 08:55 PM
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Great job! I got heavily into road riding 15-20 years ago to control/lower BP. After working my butt off, super fit and <5% body fat, there was absolutely no effect on my BP. Taking BP meds works a treat though. Again, so good to hear stories like yours.
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