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Your idea of a ride-has it changed?

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Your idea of a ride-has it changed?

Old 04-09-22, 07:35 AM
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Your idea of a ride-has it changed?

I was reading the "Slowing Down" thread and I got curious about what different folks think of as a ride and whether or not it has changed. My idea of a ride has changed over the years but I think I need to broaden my idea some more.

My original idea was a mountain bike ride. I bought my first bike as an adult in 1991. It was a mountain bike and I used it for all of my transportation needs. Even though I rode it for everything, a "ride" was a trail ride. A few years later I got my first road bike and expanded my definition to longer road rides such as 20 miles or more. It has kind of stayed there ever since with occasional stretches where it needed to be at least thirty of forty miles. I have never been worried about speed. I want to expand it to include my work commute and short out and backs. I won't pretend that this is in no way related to age but it is mostly related to having other interests. I am enjoying walking and hiking much more these days than I did for many years. I simply don't have time to do all the things I want and also take an all day ride. This, of course, could change again.

So, what is your idea of a ride? As far as I am concerned, as long as it involves being on your bike, there are no wrong answers.
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Old 04-09-22, 10:17 AM
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Originally Posted by beicster View Post
So, what is your idea of a ride? As far as I am concerned, as long as it involves being on your bike, there are no wrong answers.
For me, that is my final analysis. I have adopted the mindset that, if it is reasonably possible, I will bike the trip. Like you, I started with a mountain bike, but I never rode trails. It started with commuting and is now a combination of that and utility. "Exercise" takes care of itself. Most days are the commute (6.5 miles, both ways) interspersed with grocery runs 4-20 miles. This Saturday, the missus and I were jonesing for chocolate and cheese, so 20 miles to and back from the trader Joe's. Last week it was a parts/tp supply run to Ace hardware and Target (20 miles total). I don't try to "optimize" for trips and speed, the crutches that used to have me grabbing for the car keys a decade ago. Plan it and make multiple days /trips happily and as necessary. So, bike it if I can!
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I like to get around our small town, visit folks at the lake and riverside but really isn’t a ride, it’s lifestyle. For me, a ride is getting out on the open road with an objective. I still like to strava clock my rides and get a little 20-30mi ride in. I have fishing to do so I won’t be doing the metric centuries or more these days. Too many big pike and muskie are getting big on our plentiful little lakes.
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The idea of a ride hasn't changed much, but the reality of my rides (@ 70) has slipped a bit.

15 miles is about my typical ride these days. Gets me out of the house, keeps me off the busiest roads, an hour or so of pedaling, energy left for my final climb, and motivation to do other physical activities.

Have taken a ride of 50miles (relatively flat) this year, but that was an entire day's commitment - and a full day for complete recovery.

I am also a little less eager to go out and deal with the traffic on my 'closest to home' routes.

As far as my 'rides' go = 58cm bikes are feeling a bit smaller than last year. Sticking with 59-61cm frames mostly. I should sell a bunch of bikes, feeling it is time

edit: If I lived within a few blocks of a long bike trail or trail system my mileage would balloon. Hmmm...

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I have to agree with most of the above and the OP that any ride is a good ride. I'm a bit younger and still work full time so weekday rides have to be short before or after work, then go for a longer ride on Sundays (when the weather is warm). During the winter I just try and get in 2 or 3 rides on Zwift whilst dreaming of warmer weather.

I got my first road bike in 1985 which I still ride today and then a mountain bike in 1994. The mountain bike became my main ride, commuting, rides to the park with the kids and that was my bike life for years. When I finally got some time back to myself about 8 years ago, I pulled out the old Peugeot and got back on the road. Realized it was not on par with what my friends were riding so then started the journey down the rabbit hole of more bikes.

The idea of gravel rides has me interested so I'm trying to figure out how I make that happen but in the mean time, will get in as many road rides as I can.
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The rides are just as long, just not as fast. But I feel just as good on a bike now as when I was a kid.
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To me, the 50 miler is always the goal. There were plenty of days I rode less, but on a serious day it had to be 50+. Just a year ago I did a few 50 mile rides with my daughter and didn't give it a second thought since she is just a casual rider. The century is a big stretch from there. This year though it is beginning to look a little rough for me. I didn't train over the winter at all, and I've put on the pounds. I did 20 yesterday and thought I did good. However, I'm still planning my first longer distance tour (Buffalo to NYC on the Empire State trail) and I figure 50mi/day is an easy pace since I'll be at it all day without much reason to stop. It will be mostly flat too, with tailwinds! Maybe not the tailwinds... and I'll be credit card touring so lighter bags. Anyway, at 67 I'm finally beginning to feel it and I have to start thinking about lowering my expectations.

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Itís about one hour less than when I was doing daily road rides on rural highways in the 1970s. Back then my rides were pretty much all two to three hours and about 30 to 50 miles.

Since the early 90s Iíve mainly just ridden on our awesome trail system and my rides are generally one to two hours long and roughly 17 to 35 miles.

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My idea of a ride has changed a lot! Spent my childhood in W.Va. and even on my old single speed Western Auto bike with fenders, was riding on trails that cut through from one road to another. One of us kids favorite thing to do was to ride up a hill that was 2 or 3 blocks long and very steep (hey, it was 60 years ago-but at least 2 full blocks!). Started riding "real" mtn.bikes when it first became popular. Rode some challenging terrain-and for good chunks of time regularly in northeastern Md. and southeastern Pa. Still ride some rocks, roots, stream crossings, but nothing as challenging as previous. I'd be happy with a good long, not too hilly fire road. Bought a road bike in 2006, and any type of ride was fair game. Now-give me a ride with not too many hills, length doesn't deter me, but won't be doing any centuries. I ride mostly for some outdoor recreation, to explore different areas, and scenery. I don't keep stats, no fancy gizmos keeping track of watts, heart rate. Just for fun and fitness. I have respect for those who can ride further, faster, and have goals that exceed mine. Why/how you ride--so long as you enjoy it, glad to see ya out there.
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I can't say anything's changed in five decades of cycling as an adult. I never got into motoring for fun, just utility. The bike has always been my preferred transportation. It even guided career and housing choices--I would not work and live in places I couldn't cycle year round. I commuted by bike for my entire school and work careers. I started touring in the 1970s and still enjoy it. Fitness and economic benefits turned out to be huge--the biking lifestyle led directly to early and very active retirement.
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The biggest change was when I became self-employed and began working from home last year.

I bike commuted for 28 years so there was always at least a nine-mile ride to and from work, and my riding and bikes were 'geared' towards that.

While I'm riding almost as often, it's usually 10-15 miles on a single ride, and in the winter I can wait until after lunch when it is warmer. On the one hand that's nicer, but on the on the other hand I used to pride myself on being able to ride to work down to 5F and in the snow and ice (with studded tires).

In my 40s, safety became more important as I was riding mostly in traffic, and I did notice that around 50 years old, comfort was becoming more important to me. Not as in cushy, upright comfort bike, but as in a comfortable road position which is more comfortable to me. And converting my straight-bar bikes to drops as my hands don;t do straight-bars well any more.

Oh yeah, also in my 40s I began padding my bars and adding gel seat covers as my natural padding started to decline.
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I did lots of cycle club rides. But covid precautions got me appreciating small groups, 2-6 riders. And we are willing to drive a bit farther to ride the best rural areas around here. Quieter roads, better scenery.
I'm doing somewhat fewer miles, but more climbing, at reasonable pacing.

Roads like this!

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Whether it's a 400k brevet or a dozen laps around a basketball court with my grandsons, it's a bike ride. It all puts a smile on my face.
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Anytime I get on my bike, it’s a ride , whether it’s a mile or a hundred miles.
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Have the torturous affliction of being goal oriented. It’s part of my OCD but that’s the way I roll. In my 30s, road biking would be 4 days a week with a 60-70 mile ride on the weekend and a long hike the other day. Century rides were always the goal and loved knocking those off. Also bought a hard tail mtn bike back then and did a fair amount of single track and had fun eventhough I was rather mediocre since I didn’t want to get injured. Got a better full suspension bike about 12 years ago and road the wheels off that for 6 years completely giving up on road biking because of all the distracted drivers.

Fast forward several years and now I still road ride about the same number of days and pretty much retired the mtn bike afraid of injury in my late 60s (after a 10 year layoff in my 50s). Have cut the weekend day ride down to 40-50. The main issue with over 40 miles is getting a sore sit bones. Bought way too many center cut-out saddles last year due to damn prostate issues in search of comfort, but have given up. I know the legs have more miles in them but extreme discomfort tends to win out.

Have always like to challenge myself but these days I like to mix in as much scenic beauty as possible. Stop much more frequently to take pictures or just listen to the wind and marvel at natures beauty.

Agree with the posters above, as long as you get out, that’s all that matters. There is no right answer.
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Really the only big change I made was I went to recumbents in 2005, and have been bent ever since. The comfort and view was in instant reward for me. As far as distance and speed, it still is about the same. I will be 84 this year and ride any where from 20 to 35 miles every other day, weather permitting. I have both a LWB bent, and a tadpole trike. I ride the trike mostly in town, and the bike out of town with the bike club.
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My idea of a ride is about 15 miles and about 1 hour. I am getting good workout, tired and a bit stiff but also happy and pumped up. I try to alternate between running, swimming and biking and each of this activity gives me a slightly different kind of workout, pleasure, satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment. I admire those older than me (63yo) that can seemingly ride much longer and a number of days per week, but I have no plans to push myself beyond what my body and my mind tells is right for me. For me, biking must be foremost a fun activity.
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While I didn't hit 50, the other day I did 40 with the bike fully loaded as if I would be doing my long summer ride. It felt fine on the bike but when I was home I could feel it all catching up with me. I'm thinking I need to be eating and drinking better on longer rides now so when I get home I'm not fully depleted. The next day, also to simulate the tour, I got back on just to see if the body was ready and after a few minutes felt fine again. I didn't do a long ride though, just a few miles in the park to stretch the muscles. It is only April and I'm not doing the ride until August so I have plenty of time to get in shape. I should add that the 40 miles was into the wind on the way up, with a corresponding tailwind on the way back. I was ready to bail on the way out because it just sucked all the energy and joy out of riding.

This coming week hopefully the weather will cooperate so I can get a 50 mile ride in on my light road bike, and then next Sunday is the 5BBT, 40 miles through the closed streets of NYC. I'm doing it with slow riders as a group so it'll be easy, although going slow can be as painful as going fast. Your arse doesn't care about how many miles it is on the seat, just how many hours. I'm looking at getting a Brooks B17 saddle but not sure if I want a new saddle on a group ride where I won't want to just bail out because I'm uncomfortable.

My idea of a ride should be with a tailwind at all times!
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My idea of a purpose for riding has generally remained the same: to get from point A to B, in the most pleasant and healthful way I can.

When I was 7yrs old, it was to transport me across the field with friends. When I was in my teens, it was to allow me to have a healthy couple of hours outside heading to and from the beach. In my 50s, it's been to get me across town (or, commuting). Pretty much the same thing. Getting out there, and getting to my destination, in a rather healthy and enjoyable way. Can't do the pounding running anymore, these days. And so, riding it is.
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My last road ride was February 1st, when I suffered a bad crash. So my road riding days are over and I'm transitioning to an indoor trainer next month. So yes, my idea of a ride has changed.
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I hadn't been out on my single in almost a year, though I've ridden plenty on our tandem. It developed a BB problem so I did the Sunday group ride on my single, 58 miles and 3300'. I upload to Strava and have separate accounts for my single and our tandem. I had 7 PRs and picked up 4 AG KOMs. I choose to never know where segments are when I ride, so no special effort, just trying to keep up with the other folks. I guess my answer to the OP's question is "no". For fitness work, tandems rule.
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I think it actually has changed for me.

Up until a couple of years ago, I was commuting 34 miles a day (mostly flat) and doing 70ish miles on weekends in the mountains with about 7K of climbing. Throw in an occasional double century or longer ride into the mix.

I'm no longer commuting to work (COVID plus semi retirement has me working less and what I do is from home), so I am getting in 20 miles or so a day, but with about 2K of climbing (which curiously takes about the same amount of time as my commute did). I haven't done a DC in at least 2 years.

I'm doing less on weekends. Maybe 40-50 miles with the usual climbing, but if I get less or more than that, it's all good. I'm not sure if that is because I feel like riding less or because my riding partners are less inclined to the longer mileage.
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must have 10 categories of rides. most often, I drive my bike somewhere safe, ride around for a cpl of hours, then drive my bike back home
in the summer, I get to do it w/ my family. those are my favorite, even if they aren't epic rides
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Certainly has over the past few years. Now, in my 60's, my hands are going numb while riding my Trek mountain bike. I'm looking to get a newer Hybrid bike with a more upright riding posture. Better to use the much bigger gluttes to bear the load than my palms!
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Distance and intent.

A few miles around town, running errands, going to the store or to happy hour....not a "ride."

Bike shorts, cleats and gps, that is a "ride." Meaning it gets entered into my milage log.
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