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Seat Angle At Older Age - Rant

Fifty Plus (50+) Share the victories, challenges, successes and special concerns of bicyclists 50 and older. Especially useful for those entering or reentering bicycling.

Seat Angle At Older Age - Rant

Old 05-19-22, 07:39 AM
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71 y.o. here. About a year ago or so, at the beginning of "cycling season", my saddle adjustment on my road bike just didn't feel right, after riding it the same way for several years. Lowered the nose just the smallest bit, and that's all it took. I also ride off-road, and the saddle on my mtn bike (diff brand saddle) is slightly up and did not need changing. Maybe because the mtn.bike has a more upright rider position? Wouldn't it be nice if our bodies remained the same as we age. BUT-ain't gonna be that way!!
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Old 05-19-22, 08:49 AM
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Iím just beginning to wonder/notice that rider-saddle interface discomfort on a properly adjusted saddle might be affected by the fit of my spandex/lycra cycling shorts. Of my several pairs, there are a couple that are several seasons old. The spandex has become less snug over time. And, I have a couple newer pairs that still have their close-fit snugness. It seems that when I wear the newer ones which offer more support and hold everything together in a nice snug package that I donít experience that saddle interface discomfort nearly as much. Iíve got a few pairs of new shorts on order and will investigate further.

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Old 05-31-22, 05:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Iride01 View Post
Yeah I'm not even near your age and I'd say I'm starting to realize some of the things most all the things you mention in your OP. <grin>

I did recently have to drop the nose of my saddle a tad, but I think it's just that when I increased the saddle height an inch that it just needed that or I might not have kept the same angle it was at prior. I do use my drops and I'm using them more and more. Being more aero just saves so much more energy on longer rides and it's evident to me.

I've been fighting all the other old age stuff though and doing some exercises more regularly. Push ups, sit ups and leg stretches like a ballerina on that bar. Even using those spring thingy's to strengthen my grip. Which has actually gotten rid of the numb feeling I just started getting by hour two of a ride. Haven't found out yet if it's just moved that to hour three!
Iride, you're a pretty savvy and experienced rider. A 1 inch saddle lift is a large amount, for me - why did you do that? I presume you raised it on a bike you have used "a lot," so what made you do that? I generally raise the saddle when I have been off the bike for a while and my then-wimpy legs feel it in my knee. When I raise in this case I do more firm sitting on the saddle, increasing pressure on my underside parts. I think the lifting also tend to rotate my pelvis forward, which also moves the pressure from my sit bones to points in front of the sit bones. This can make me skootch the nose down bit by bit to maintain comfort. As I ride more I tend to lower the saddle incrementally, Then the nose tends to come back up to where it was.

I also notice any good saddle setting is only good for the rides I've been doing. If I increase distance, say from a regular 10 mile distance to 15 miles, I may have to make additional refinements to position. I think half the reason for long-distance training is to develop a comfortable and sustainable position.
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Old 05-31-22, 08:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Road Fan View Post
A 1 inch saddle lift is a large amount, for me - why did you do that? I presume you raised it on a bike you have used "a lot," so what made you do that?.
Because it was 1 inch too low. <grin>

For what ever reason, when the weather gets cold I don't ride as energetically or hard as I do in the summer. In November, December and January I'm only riding a day per week and at what I can say is a leisurely pace. So lowering my saddle makes for a tad more comfort for those leisurely rides. I'd probably benefit with a cruiser style bike for the winter days, but my garage has no room. I'm quite the pack rat!

I have found that on a road bike, my ideal saddle height for high effort rides is 109% of my 34.5" inseam. For less energetic rides 106% seems more comfortable. That works out to roughly 1 inch. Don't quote me as advocating that formula for everyone. I don't like it when people use formulas and ignore what their body is telling them. However I have seen the 109% inseam stated by some as a good starting point for a road bike.

I measure my saddle height from the top of the saddle about where my sit bones normally are to the top of the pedal when furthest away from the saddle. That lets me get my saddle height close enough when I try out bikes with various length cranks. Not that I actually do that very much.

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