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jppe 08-24-05 08:05 PM

What is your "Bike Mobile"?
A little background:

My Bike Mobile is my vehicle that carries me and my bike from town to town and ride to ride. I do a lot of organized rides within a 100 mile radius from where I live and have met a lot of fellow cyclists along the way. Many of us seem to travel the circuit and I'm pretty easy to pick out these days. My Bike Mobile has been converted from a "Golf Mobile". I was addicted to Golf for 40+ years and have put a lot of miles on the vehicle going from course to course. Since starting to ride 4 years ago, I'm now spending most of my time on the bike and seeing my handicap climb the ladder.

Anyway, my Bike Mobile is a 1991 Van with 400,000 plus miles and still gets me around pretty well. I like it because I can roll my bike into the back and bungee it to the sides without having to take off either wheel. Pretty sad but my bike is worth a heck of a lot more than my Bike Mobile!!!

Longhorn 08-24-05 10:30 PM

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Mine is a 2001 Saleen Mustang convertible. You don't know how many times people (mostly young males, such as those I teach) say, "You don't put a bike rack on a Saleen! :eek:"

Well, I do! ;) I think my bike looks really cool back there!

jimshapiro 08-25-05 08:15 AM

My bikemobile is a 1986 Toyota Xtracab longbed truck. I made a removable mounting system out of a 2x6 and a couple of Rockymount bike mounts. At ~30 mpg, it's turned out to be a pretty good system.


stapfam 08-25-05 12:11 PM

Don't need a bike mobile as most of my rides start from my house. Even events that start up to 15 miles away are ridden out to. However- If we do go for an event that needs transport, The roof rack gets fitted to my MPV. That is for the Tandem, and then the bike rack goes on the back for 4 bikes with the wheels taken off and put inside. 6 riders, 4 bikes and a Tandem with all the day clothing and spares take a lot of room so it is a good job it is a 7 seater with the MPV acting as Backup vehicle to meet us at 3 or 4 points on the ride.

luv2cruz 08-25-05 09:09 PM

1994 Mazda Miata, classic red with tan leather, 67k, homemade 1.25" receiver hitch and a Delta Hitch Haul rack, bike mounts in rails on both wheels with clamp at seatpost. Very secure and never touches the frame.

levensnevel 08-25-05 10:27 PM

It is a Volvo
If needed I just fold down the backseats. When I take-out the wheels there is plenty of room for 2 bikes.

SteveE 08-25-05 10:57 PM

I don't really have one either. 90% of my riding is done from my doorstep. Occasionally, I'll put the single on the bike rack or in the back seat of my car. Or the single or tandem goes in the back my wife's car. Not a frequent occurence, though.

John E 08-26-05 08:48 AM

Most of my rides start and end at home, and, for coastal rides, I can conveniently transport a bike on our superb 6-day-per-week commuter rail line ( However, when I do need to transport my bike by car, I use my 2001 VW Passat station wagon ("estate" to you Brits and Aussies, "variant" to you continental Europeans). If I need to transport more than 2 people and/or more than 2 bikes, I simply and quickly bolt on my rooftop load crossbars and bike carriers, which I conveniently store on bicycle hooks in the garage rafters, directly above where I park the car.

Digital Gee 08-26-05 11:56 AM

Most of my rides start/stop at my doorstep, but when I want to ride somewhere else, I simply put a rack on the rear of my 2000 Avalon, and off I go. It would probably hold two bikes, should there be a need.

cc_rider 08-26-05 03:19 PM

Subaru Legacy wagon. For nine months of the year it is also my bike storage shed.

linux_author 08-26-05 03:41 PM


Originally Posted by levensnevel
It is a Volvo

- used to have a 2001 V70XC AWD (Soccer Mom Vehicle), but now i have this w/a 2-bike Yakima hitch rack:

serotta 08-27-05 10:38 AM

F-150 SuperCrew and a 2x4 drilled to fit biketights. Carries tandems, and singles easily.

Blackberry 08-27-05 11:48 AM

Mine won't get any ocp points--but it does get good mileage: A Honda Civic with the back sit flipped down. Take off the front wheel and one bike fits in quite nicely. Two bikes could be a problem.

BobL 08-28-05 12:55 PM

Toyota Matrix. I sold my 14 year old Jeep Cherokee to get this car, and although it's quite a bit smaller, the bikes lie down in the back without even taking the front wheel off. Plus, I went from 14 mpg to about 27 mpg around town and around 33 or better highway.

OTOH, 99% of my rides start and end at the garage. I rarely go to rides I need to drive to.


bernmart 08-28-05 02:21 PM

2000 VW Passat glx wagon, with a "trunk" rack semi-permanently mounted on the rear. I usually use it to transport to the meeting point of group rides, or to my favorite bike path.

mollusk 08-28-05 03:09 PM

2003 Oldsmobile Silhouette.

Actually purchased this vehicle (used) on my 50th birthday. Can hardly think of a more anti-midlife crisis vehicle but sometimes we need to take the whole family and dog away for the weekend.

Usually I ride right from my backdoor, but if I'm taking my youngest (9 year old boy) on an extended ride we will pack our bikes into the van and go to a rail-trail. By the end of the year we they will have completed a connector in Gainesville so that we can get on a rail trail within a 1/4 mile of our house and travel out of town about 17 miles. That will be sweet.

Velo Dog 08-28-05 06:18 PM

My favorite's my135,000-mile Isuzu pickup--just throw stuff in the back until you run out of stuff--but it's getting sort of shaky for long trips, plus it doesn't have AC, and I've gotten soft in my advancing years. I just bought the clips to transplant my old Yakima rack from an aging Civic to my 2003 Mazda Protege. I took it from Reno to Las Vegas this weekend (about 1000 miles RT), and it worked fine, so I guess that's it. I'll still use the truck for local trips, though.

peterjcb 09-03-05 09:42 PM

I don't use a vehicle to transport my bike, I start off at my house usually.
When I'm not riding on my bike or running, here's my preferred means on transportation. :D

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