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Digital Gee 09-06-05 05:49 PM

Woohoo!!! 500 miles!!!
I realize many of you have been at this for a long time, but i'm still a "newbie." It was just three months ago that I was here, asking whether to buy a comfort or a hybrid bike, and then, almost three months to the day, I brought home an inexpensive xc mtb.

Today, I passed my first 500 miles on the bike. And let me tell you, that's a real accomplishment for me and i couldn't be more excited.

First of all, it represents something I STUCK WITH for three months already, and still love doing, so I'll be doing it for a long, long time. I don't know if I've EVER stuck with any exercise regimen for three months, and if I did, I certainly didn't enjoy it this much!

Second, it represents probably 50 hours of television NOT watched (counting the time it takes to fill the water bottle, put the gloves and helmet on, put away the bike afterwards, etc.). I know that I would have been wasting that time one way or the other -- TV or the internet or something.

Third, it represents a loss of about 8 pounds. I wish it were more (I'm a clydesdale) but I plateau-ed rather quickly -- but then again, I didn't really change any eating habits, so I can't expect miracles!

Fourth, it represents my pants fitting better. I haven't dropped a size or anything (yet) but I am more comfortable in the size I have.

Fifth, and perhaps most important, it represents a sense of fun and freedom and even childlike wonder that I had long forgotten and can't believe I've regained.

All this, in just 500 miles. But if you'd told me four months ago I would soon be putting 500 miles on a bike, I would have laughed until my sides hurt.

So for me, it's some accomplishment, and I just had to share!

lookinUp 09-06-05 06:00 PM


Exellent! A terrific milestone - both the miles and the determination. Keep up the good work!


backinthesaddle 09-06-05 06:07 PM

congratulations! that's quite an accomplishment. keep us posted as you progress

DnvrFox 09-06-05 06:19 PM


I remember when I hit my first 1,000 miles and shared with just about anyone who would listen or not, posting all over the internet (or at that time, bulletin boards).

That is a great accomplishment. 1,000 is just around the corner, and when you tell your friends that you have ridden 1,000 miles on your bike, they will look at you with awe.

KeithA 09-06-05 06:35 PM

That's fantastic, Gary!!!

Best of all, you're probably going to keep it up. Cycling's a great pastime for us 50+ers. Keeps us feeling young and in shape.

p8rider 09-06-05 06:39 PM

Great Job Gary! Ain't life just grand sometimes.
As many have already said, the good part is you can keep on rolling. What I like about biking is the outdoors, the changing conditions, different rides etc. that you can never get in a stylish Gym.

Little Darwin 09-06-05 08:02 PM

Great job Gary, and it has helped me set a goal... If I can do the same pace as you, I should lose 1 pound for every 62 miles, so in only 6200 miles I'll be down to my initial target weight!

Keep up the good work, and above all continue to have fun!!!!!

RabidCyclist 09-06-05 08:30 PM


Originally Posted by Digital Gee
All this, in just 500 miles. But if you'd told me four months ago I would soon be putting 500 miles on a bike, I would have laughed until my sides hurt. So for me, it's some accomplishment, and I just had to share!

GOOD JOB Gary!!!!! It doesn't stop at 500 miles! Every mile stone is a reason to shout out your accomplishment! If you progress on to become a century rider or ride to maintain your sense of well being.. riding a bike is the ends to the means. Keep sharing your accompliments and keep up the good the work.

Crazy-B 09-06-05 08:52 PM


levensnevel 09-07-05 01:06 PM

That's great Gary,

you know how the saying goes: a smile every mile
So:keep on smiling for many, many miles to come

BigGuy 09-07-05 02:50 PM

I'll add my congrats Gary! And I can sense your excitment not just in reaching a milestone, but in the process. Good stuff -- we know how you feel. My daughters said to me, "Dad we haven't seen you this excited about anything for a lot of years!"

Litespeed 09-07-05 05:03 PM

Gary, this is just the beginning for you. You will soon find out you will be able to do things that you never thought you could accomplish (climb Torrey Pines), do 50 miles etc. etc. Each time it will raise your spirits and make you want to do more. The fun has just begun--there is no stopping you now!!! :roflmao:

Mentor58 09-07-05 07:35 PM

Congrads... and the scary part, it may not be too long before you are putting 500 miles a month on the bike. Just a tich over 15 miles a day each day. One thing that I've found, no matter how far I've ridden, I always think that "Yea, but I could do a bit more the next time, and it will be even easier". Keep it fun, keep the wheels turning, and don't forget that you can't be old and on a bike at the same time.

Steve W.
Who isn't QUITE qualified to be here, but is ALMOST old enough to hang out with the big kids.

KeithA 09-07-05 07:39 PM

Why, Steve, until you're 50, you can be our friendly, welcome mascot. :)

oldspark 09-07-05 07:47 PM

It's amazing what we can do to our selves with a bicycle-keep on keeping on. Nice job Gary.

MikeR 09-08-05 05:40 PM

That's GREAT! Keep up the good work (err) fun! :)

I remember my first year - It was fantastic. I don't know how much more weight you have to loose some more may come off before you have to start cutting back.

I lost half of my excess weight without watching what I had to eat. Then I hit the plateau. When I started I would bike so I can eat. I fell in love with riding and want to keep up with cycling friends so now Iím starting to eat so I can bike.

Blackberry 09-08-05 06:30 PM

When I get tired of reading about posuers, OCP and which jersey to buy I come to the 50+ forum for inspiration. Way to go Gary!

DnvrFox 09-08-05 06:53 PM


Originally Posted by Blackberry
When I get tired of reading about posuers, OCP and which jersey to buy I come to the 50+ forum for inspiration. Way to go Gary!

We have missed you!

aj in ma 09-08-05 06:53 PM

Good for you! There's no way I could have done that in my first season. It took me a couple of seasons to do that kind of mileage. Can you imagine, it only gets better.


will dehne 09-08-05 07:09 PM

Gary, my congratulations also.

The first several years of biking did not reduce my weight and also not for my biking wife. We toured at 10 MPH average but for many miles including centuries.

Now I am pushing my-selves to and above 20 MPH. My weight is going down at same or richer diet. My wife, who keeps biking at 10 MPH, cannot loose weight.
But we both are happy and healthy. Perhaps you want to know this?

Good luck to you.

rickkko 09-08-05 10:29 PM

Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's something that might interest you.... Looks like a fun day.

In the past 13 months I've covered 1900 miles. Would be more but had a 7 month gap of no riding in the middle.

I have no goal other than to lose weight over time then maintain it. I figure the more I ride the better chance that'll happen. I know its a slow process but what's the hurry, cycling is fun! :)


taylor8 09-10-05 12:53 AM

Great effort.

I will be comming up on 500 miles in about a month, Looking forward to telling about it.

Lets ride,

rmwun54 09-10-05 01:09 AM

It's not about the bike, it's about the soul, sound's like you found it. Keep on enjoying the ride.

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