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s_boy 12-13-05 07:15 PM

hey all... got a happy b-day reminder from this forum and thought i'd check it out again... man this place has grown in the last few years. i basically quit cycling in the last few years, but am thinking about dusting off the old hybrid and get out there soon as i need the exercise.

later... al

oldcrank 12-13-05 08:03 PM

Happy Birthday s_boy. Dust that steed off and hop on again!

FarHorizon 12-13-05 09:13 PM

Welcome to geezerville! You'll like it here (though you may not think so for a while). Congratulations on surviving so long and join the crowd on bicycles! You'll feel MUCH better for the exercise and will really enjoy rediscovering what you used to enjoy about bicycling.

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