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cyclintom 12-21-05 10:56 PM

Latest Addition to the Collection
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My bother gave me an early Christmas present - a frame. I had most of the stuff laying around so I built up another bike for my collection with it.

I suppose it's a 2003 or so Fuji Newest.
Mavic Helium Wheels
Campy Centaur Al Compact cranks
105 Rear derailleur
DuraAce barends.
Nashbar brake levers
Ultegra brake calipers
Look fork
Regal Saddle

My cat Jane is shown walking away from the bike after helping me to wrap the handlebar tape by grabbing it every time I flipped it around.

Digital Gee 12-21-05 11:48 PM

That just blows me away. You have quite a talent -- you've built one beeee-a-u-tiful bike!

GrannyGear 12-22-05 12:21 AM

I envy your "laying around" garage parts bin. Nice mix of parts for an interesting bike! Wondering what you've done with your Italian bikes?

cyclintom 12-22-05 08:18 AM

Well, when I see real bargains on parts I buy them. Got the Heliums for less than a set of cheap wheels. Picked the Look fork up at Sea Otter - Look was essentially throwing a bunch of stuff away for pick-up prices. I had to buy the bar-ends, the seat post and the cranks. I've got cranks coming out my ears but no more compact (well, not a Campy compact.) I have about $400 into it.

If you're mechanically inclined you just collect the stuff slowly as it comes up and then you have it. If the rain lets up today I'll take it out for a ride tonight.

The Italian, French and Belgian bikes are fine and don't get much taken out in the winter. I've been trying to use the Look as a beater bike but unfortunately I like it so much I don't like to get it dirty and out of the last 6 rides I've taken it on two of them had pissing down rain for several hours of the ride.

jppe 12-22-05 08:35 AM

Very nice-the color scheme is exactly the same as my club jerseys!!

stapfam 12-22-05 12:08 PM

I am one of those people that changes parts before necessary- like wheels, group sets and Cranksets, and also have a great number of "New" parts that have been tried and discarded. I decided to built a custom bike several years ago and barring the frame had all the bits on my upgraded Kona that I wanted the custom to replace. Had the frame built, transfered all the parts from the Kona and only had to buy a head set and bottom bracket. Then built up the Kona frame with all my "Discarded" parts.

Unfortunately then found out that the Kona was still a quality bike, even though it had the parts that I did not want to use previously. Good point though was that I now had two superb bikes that worked.
Still have the Kona, but the Custom went to a friend on loan when he bent his bike, and eventually sold it to him as there was no way he was going to let me have it back.

oldcrank 12-22-05 12:56 PM

That's a very fast looking machine that you've put together there. No rake at all on the fork, either. Fuji has always had such great paint schemes for their frames -- and this one is no exception.

Helium wheels, hmm?

cyclintom 12-24-05 11:08 PM

Well, I did a semi-hilly 35 miles on the bike on Christmas eve and the bike is pretty nice. There's a tight coupling between the pedals and the rear wheel a you'd expect in a good bike. The saddle is a lot higher over the bars then you'd think would be comfortable but the bike feels good.

The early Look fork might be the slightest bit too flexible but maybe that was just the Helium wheels with my overweight carcass on it.

All in all I have something like $300 in the bike with parts I bought just for it and it rides very good.

It doesn't ride as well as the Look KG-451 but neither does anything else.

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