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Digital Gee 01-14-06 01:46 PM

Sorely Tempted...
First of all, I've NEVER purchased anything from QVC. In fact, I've never purchased anything directly from TV, for that matter.

But here I was getting ready to start my New Year's Resolution about doing some iron pumping to supplement the exercise I get on my bike, and I can't find my gym membership card. It's around here somewhere, but God only knows where. I'm trying to get everything together for my first ride on Lucky to the gym loaded down with my gym bag, etc. and rain is on the horizon.

In the meantime, I'm flipping channels when along comes QVC and what they call "Today's Special Value" (gag which is a "made-for-QVC" Bowflex.

Somehow they caught my attention today, and I watched for a while. The machine is about $650, and apparently can lead to immortality, if one is willing do just invest 20 minutes, 3 times a week. Sooner or later, one will have the body of a Greek god, doing a selection of 65 "club quality" exercises.

Gee, thinkest I, it would just about fit in my living room, if I moved that table over there, and the bikes over there, and ... and ... and...

Fortunately, I came to my senses. I'm still looking for my gosh-darned membership card (which I put somewhere for safekeeping), but even if that's lost, for a couple of bucks they'll give me another. And besides, why did I buy Lucky, if not to go to the gym?

Maybe or maybe not I'm not a Fred, but I'm clearly showing signs of knuckleheadedness! :D

OldeRider 01-14-06 02:09 PM

No No No No!!!!
Don't fall for it. My wife and I have used free weights and a $195 cage for a couple of years now. I work out every forth day for 1.5 hrs and my wife works out every other day for 20 mins. The key is getting the right program started and sticking with it. We're both over 60 and I run and bike, she walks and bikes. The cage is simply a safety device. I had someone who was willing to give me a bowflex last year and I refused. For a while, we simply used free weights and some stools to hold the weights since they weren't that heavy. My workout is designed to maintain some strength in my old age, not to bulk up. Whatever you do, just do it!
Good Luck

Dchiefransom 01-14-06 07:15 PM

HaHaHaHaHaHaHa. Don't fall for it. A dentist on my mail route gets birthday cards from QVC !!!!!!!!!

hawkijohn 01-14-06 07:40 PM

When gas prices got so high (I live 17 miles from the gym I belonged to) I gave up my long time membership and bought a home gym set (Hoist V2) along with the optional leg press and a Schwinn Evo Comp stationary. I went to the store looking seriously at the bow flex equipment but I just didn't like the feel of the bows flexing which didn't seem to be a consistant linear resistance. I just like the feel of real weights much better. I'd suggest you try a bowflex before buying. Those tv ads are great! Look like a Greek God after a few 20 min. workouts! Anyway, I've never regretted giving up the membership. I enjoy working out at home so much more. Choose my own music, never wait for the equipment I want, save a lot of time and money! I work out much more consistantly now than before. What I do wish I'd done was to get a bike trainer instead of the Airdine. Maybe I'll try to sqeeze in both eventually.

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