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Raketmensch 01-14-06 03:49 PM

Feeling squirrelly...
...because I haven't been able to get on a bike in over a week.

Back in September, when I decided I needed to start cleaning up my act health-wise, one of the biggest changes I made was to try to stop traveling so much. I commuted weekly to the west coast for about six years, and even though I stopped doing that a couple of years ago I still was spending much more time on airplanes than is good for anybody. I've cut way back since September, but last week and this week I've got trips that I simply could not get out of.

I haven't yet found a good solution for cycling when I'm on the road, and it's driving me a little bit nuts. Stationary exercise bikes in hotel fitness centers seem to be the best bet, and I get on them every chance I get. But I don't really like 'em, despite the fact that I enjoy time on my trainer back home. Renting a bike locally at most locations seems like a huge hassle, and taking a bike with me would be even worse. So try as I might, I don't really see any decent solution other than saying no more often and just staying home.

For now, I'm spending lots of time perusing cycling forums, reading cycling magazines, and so forth. Armchair cycling... now that's a really weird concept.

One more week to go...

jeff williams 01-14-06 04:02 PM

Ritchey B.A.B.?
Packs small, but pretty expensive.

stapfam 01-14-06 04:03 PM

For now, I'm spending lots of time perusing cycling forums, reading cycling magazines, and so forth. Armchair cycling... now that's a really weird concept.

One more week to go...[/QUOTE]

I was just about to suggest the magazine bit, but even that gets a bit too much for the 3rd time of reading. You'll just have to get to the Hotel gyms and forget the bikes. They are not comfortable, not set up for you, and don't give you a decent enough workout. Try a different machine like the cross trainer or the weights to build up individual muscle groups. Then while you are losing lbs during the exercise you can imagine what a joy it will be to sit back on your saddle, on your bike, and on your local routes.

RoboCheme 01-15-06 10:43 AM

I travel a bit, too, and I can't stand those stationary bikes in the hotel fitness rooms. There's something about the coaster bike seats that make it very uncomfortable. I just bring my running shoes and jog either outside or on the treadmill.

Garfield Cat 01-15-06 10:35 PM

If you have a set schedule of travel then get a bike for every location. This might be fun. Get deals on used frames and start a build-up. Then all you need is to pack the wheelset, helmet, shoes and bike clothes. Shimano Ultegra for road bikes are plentiful. You can even experiment on frames, compact frames, traditional geometry, etc. Join the local bike club in each city so that you will have a network of places to store your bike. Or you can store the bikes in the various locations based on branch office locations or a local bike shop.

flatlander_48 01-16-06 04:05 AM


Originally Posted by jeff williams
Ritchey B.A.B.?
Packs small, but pretty expensive.

Considering what top of the line bikes go for, I don't think that the BreakAway is all that expensive. That said, I was a bit surprised that I decided to spend about $2,500 (frame, fork, full Campagnolo Centaur, deluxe case and shipping). However, I've made 3 1/2 trips to Taiwan with the BreakAway since last May and so far so good. But, my traveling is different. I come to stay for 2 or 3 months at a time. As much as I dislike disassembling and packing bike (unpacking is fun!), it's not like I'm traveling ever week or 2.

stonecrd 01-16-06 10:53 AM

Yes business trips are the worst. Going out to eat with customer's generally means rich food and drink, flying, renting the car and getting to hotels late is always a disincentive to work out. I use to travel 3-4 times a month and once or twice a qtr overseas. Thankfully I now have a job were I only have to travel once a qtr and it is so nice to be able to ride year round and sleap in my own bed

Raketmensch 01-18-06 01:27 PM

Unfortunately, I see no good solution here. In the bad old days I commuted weekly to LA -- same location over and over again -- and it would have been straightforward to have a west coast bike and an east coast bike. But I wasn't riding back then. Now that I am riding, it tends to be very short trips to very diverse locations. I don't even check luggage because of the hassle; I can't imagine trying to check a bike, even one meant to be fairly portable. This particular trip has been three days in LA, two days in Cincinnati, and now five days in Honolulu. Honolulu is the worst... the weather's warm, roads are decent (if full of traffic), and I see all these people buzzin' around on carbon frames with aerobars. I just want to get home and get back on my bike.

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