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jppe 01-29-06 09:48 AM

Promise you will not laugh.......
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Actually it's completely okay. In fact, when I told my wife she laughed so hard tears came rolling down. I left out the picture below from the other thread and here is why.

I got a new digital camera for Christmas explicitly for bike rides to capture those precious cycling moments. Yesterday I thought was the perfect time to try out the new "auto-timer" feature. Being a male engineer, I had not read any of the instructions so I just followed what I thought were pretty intuitive steps to take a picture.

I got the camera all set up and set the timer and ran over to get it taken. I didn't know how long the timer was set for so I stood there posing and counted to 60- knowing that had to be plenty long enough. I went back over to check out the picture and the screen was black??? Unfortunately I had pressed the on/off switch instead of the timer.......

You have to understand that the camera was sitting on top of a rock wall and I was standing in front of the camera to aim it. I had to lean over the top of the camera to see what was in the viewfinder. I saw a fence post, so I thought that would be a nice backdrop and I'd just run over and stand beside the fence post-which I did.

The picture below without me in it is the 2nd attempt at using the auto-timer. I was standing beside a fence post while the picture was taken alright. Unfortunately it was a fence post to the LEFT of where the camera was aimed and completely out of view......

So, it only took 3 attempts to get it done.......but hey, I had just ridden 50 miles and climbed a big hill. I don't think this is a reflection of a 50+ thing but hopefully you can appreciate the moment. Laughter is good medicine so please have a BIG dose at my expense!!

roccobike 01-29-06 09:58 AM

You must be in the A+ class jppe, I still don't know how to use the timing function on my camera! Nice pictures.

rule 01-29-06 10:40 AM

Hey I'm impressed that you could even figure out how to take a picture in timer mode. I gave up. :p

jcm 01-29-06 11:24 AM

A rather rugged fence post, I would say.

GrannyGear 01-29-06 11:46 AM

Jppe, don't feel badly....most of my ill-timed shots show my behind as it runs off to stand on a rock or something. My digital is first generation and too big for a bike bag or jersey pocket but OK for a daypack. I'm amazed at how small and "pocketable" they've become. Maybe the birthday bunny..........

Digital Gee 01-29-06 12:46 PM

At least you didn't cut off your head! Thanks for the chuckle; I think we've ALL been there, and done that!

DnvrFox 01-29-06 01:00 PM

My cell phone camera has an "Auto timer" function. But, the way it is constructed, there is absolutely no way that you can place the camera/phone on any type of ledge or wnatever that you might actually be able to take a self-portrait. (Must have been designed by an engineer who doesn't take pictures!)

So, congratulations on actually getting the deed done!

(Our wind here is something terrible. The wife put out some big heavy bags for Goodwill tomorrow, and they blew away along with the stuff in them. I have been out chasing clothes down! - Trainer, here I come - again.)

Little Darwin 01-29-06 01:10 PM


I love the the picture of your fingers...

Edit: I also love the fact that you switched the angle enough in the latter shot that you would have been in frame at either post. :)

GrannyGear 01-29-06 03:27 PM


Originally Posted by DnvrFox
The wife put out some big heavy bags for Goodwill tomorrow, and they blew away along with the stuff in them. I have been out chasing clothes down! - Trainer, here I come - again.)

Dnvr, you and jppe have made my daily laugh......thnx.

Dchiefransom 01-29-06 04:34 PM

You say the fence post pushed you out of the picture?

BigGuy 01-29-06 04:43 PM

Great chuckle...Thanks!

Bud Bent 01-29-06 09:57 PM

Cameras have auto timers?

pastorbobnlnh 01-30-06 04:19 AM


Such humility and with grace! I noticed the Sweet Gum (prickly round) balls scattered along the route from the camara to the fence. Ah!!!! to be in the south where the flowers will soon be in bloom!


stapfam 01-30-06 03:41 PM

I'm not laughing, but when I stop rolling about on the floor crying- I might force a chuckle.

I took a downgrade in my job a few years ago, to make life easier and leave more spare home time, but before this I was the computer man at my work. Nothing I did not know about them or their problems- even without degrees and letters after my name but 15 years of sorting the bloody things out when they went wrong meant there was not much that foxed me on the things or the programmes they ran. 2 years out and the new programmes were getting complicated- 6 years out and I can't even understand the new generation of mobile phones.

Thats why my Phone is a 6 year old Brick, My camera is 5 years old, but the operator still takes better pictures with it than he can on the newer ones that have all those extra buttons and dials, and why when it comes to teaching the basics of computers to staff- I can still show them, and confuse the know it alls, the basics of computing on a 12 year old Amstrad that takes them onto the new world of DOS. Ask me to set a computer on a bike. or the timer on the washing machine and it's a quick call to my neighbours son who can understand how it works by looking at it.

tribe3 01-30-06 08:03 PM

I had a good laugh! Knowing the story, your fingers in the first photo have a very humorous meaning!

Ok, now to photography: Your next lesson has to be playing around with the "white balance". The colors are too cold. Decrease the values to get warmer tones. I know!I hate the owners manuals too... but sometimes you gotta take a peep :)

p8rider 02-01-06 06:53 PM

Great story jppe!!
Made me laugh Nice pic also. Where were you? the background looks Blue Ridge.

Olebiker 02-01-06 07:15 PM


Originally Posted by pastorbobnlnh
Ah!!!! to be in the south where the flowers will soon be in bloom!


Pastor Bob,

At the risk of rubbing it in, my azaleas are blooming, my Japanese magnolia will be blooming by the end of the week, and redbud trees (I think that's what they are) are already blooming.

Come August you can return the favor when we are broiling in our own juices.

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