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lowell 02-05-06 08:41 PM

I've got to have surgery for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome on Wed.

Was wondering if anyone else has had it and if they felt it was brought on by cycling?? Also how long did recovery take before cycling was possible???

Thanks, Lowell

FarHorizon 02-06-06 09:40 PM

Did you mean "carpal tunnel syndrome?" Carpal is in the wrist - is "tarsal" in the foot? I'm not familiar with it if it is in the foot. What part of the foot is affected?

lowell 02-06-06 10:24 PM

Yes, tarsal tunnel is in the foot and I did not know about it before either. It is very much like carpal tunnel in the wrist except it is a nerve that runs in a type of "sheath" along the inside of the anke.

Either from injury or over use the swelling compresses the sheath/nerve and the front third of my foot is numb/asleep to the point it became very painful. Appartently it is not a concern for cyclist as this topic has had very little action. Glad to feel it was not caused by riding.

Would still like to know how long I may have to stay off of bike???

FarHorizon 02-07-06 10:16 AM

Sorry, lowell, I'm not familiar with what you've described. Be sure to ask your doctor, and to get a second opinion from a sports medicine specialist.

Good luck!

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