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Mojo Slim 04-12-06 09:51 PM

Big Ring Wednesday
I have never posted a description of a ride before. Most of my rides are pretty ordinary, especially with the weather as it has been. But I really enjoy reading about others' rides, as they always include some little thing that hits home. So, here's my ride today:

We have had rain or snow every week for the last two months. Most of my rides have been in the 20-30 miles zone and at 40 - 45 degrees. Today, the rain stopped about noon and the temp got up to a balmy 54. I decided this would be BIG RING WEDNESDAY and set off on a favorite ride, usually done in a moderate gear, sometimes even slipping down into semi-granny, if I was feeling weak. I live in rural, Mountainous California. One stoplight and only a few stop signs. I saw maybe 30 cars on the entire ride.

This ride starts with big rollers with more up than down. I got up each with little trouble. I was feelin' good. Turned up Snake Lake Road, 2 1/2 miles at about 5%. I had been stopped at about 1.8 miles last week by snow on the road. But made it all the way today, and in the big ring (52/23). Still feelin' good.

I turned around where the dirt and snow started, then on out through Meadow Valley. As I pulled up to one of the few stop signs, a little girl in the back of a school bus gave me a shy smile and wave. I waved back. Still in my big ring, I turned around at 16 miles, right at the "15% grade next three miles" sign (I'm not feeling THAT good). It started to rain, lightly. I was in shorts, but had my rain jacket on. I was able to turn on my blinkie lights without getting off the bike.

The next 10 miles are mostly down hill-ish. The rain got heavy at 27 miles. I'm loving it and waved at my LBS as I rode by. I had the chance to cut the ride short (35 miles) but passed it up and finished the full loop. I was having fun and already had the stripe up my bike, so why not? I ended up at 42 miles. I felt good, but the shower felt good (aren't they supposed to?), too.

At the end I realize that not only had I done the entire ride on the big ring, but I had never stopped pedaling (even downhill) and never got off the bike. My biggest fear was that I would see a rainbow and didn't have my camera.

Thanks for reading. Hope your rides have been fun, too.

Digital Gee 04-12-06 10:48 PM

Great story, Mojo! Sounds like you had a blast. Happy trails and give us more ride reports, hear?

Artmo 04-13-06 06:11 AM

Nice story; thanks for that.

stonecrd 04-13-06 06:14 AM

I do miss CA, thanks for the story. Down here all we see is flat and more flat. After 10 years in SF it is going to take awhile to adjust.

NOS88 04-13-06 06:20 AM

[QUOTE=Mojo Slim] My biggest fear was that I would see a rainbow and didn't have my camera.[QUOTE]

Man, that is just so cool. I hope all your rides give you no more fear than this!

HAMMER MAN 04-13-06 08:41 AM

always makes a ride oustanding when everything comes togeather

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