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stapfam 06-27-06 01:39 PM

300 miles and there is an annoying click
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Title says it all- Noticed it Sunday at the start of the ride, but too late to sort out. Moving the bars and there is a definite click on the headset- Just stripped it out and it is sealed bearings so took them out and moved them looking for the click to show a broken cage or ball out of place- Nothing. Put it back together and moved the bars and the click is still there. Took it apart one bit at a time- First off came the cables from the bars and found it- The rear deraiiler outer cable is a bit too tight on the bend and it has a click on the metal braiding. Thats a bummer as I do not want to disturb the rear derailler on any setting yet to see how cable stretch affects it. Just have to put up with the noise for a few weeks.

Incidentally- Nice to have room in the New shed to work round the bike- Couldn't do that in the Garage, although now the bikes are out of the Garage- I probably could now

Old Hammer Boy 06-27-06 03:33 PM

Man, I hate "phantom" noises. I've got donuts (small rubber o-rings) about every two inches on all of my open cables and try to keep everything tight and tidy, but no matter how hard I try, there always seems to be some new little noise coming from somewhere on all of our bikes. I guess it's just that way when you consider how much vibrating is going on. If you want a quite bike, I gues you just don't ride it...

Digital Gee 06-27-06 03:57 PM

A couple of days after getting my used Giant Cypress, I began hearing a pronounced CLICK! when my left foot reached the 12 o'clock position. At the time, it bugged me, and I think I even posted something about it. A while later, it went away all on it's own. Now it's come back, and for quite some time, I hear it (when I'm paying attention). I have no idea what causes it, and i'm not going to tear the bike apart to find out. It doesn't seem to be making things any worse, and I've learned to live with the sound -- in fact, I often don't hear it until I happen to think about it.

My conclusion is rather than worry about it, one of these days I'll buy a new bike and the noise will go away. I guess stapfam is proving that's not necessarily the case, either.

Big Paulie 06-27-06 05:42 PM

One thing to remember is that one of the most common causes of a click, especially on a somewhat older bike, is that the QR skewers aren't quite tight enough. Or, they're tight enough, but there a bit of oil or grease on the interface between the dropout and the QR. If you get the dropous and QR really clean, and tigheten up the QR, the click sometimes go away.

pastorbobnlnh 06-27-06 06:44 PM


When you told us you were going to be a roady, I suggested buying a vintage steel bike. Any "noise" or "click" is just normal! :D You might enjoy this long winded thread over on Classic & Vintage.

p8rider 06-27-06 06:59 PM

stapfam - That is one nice bike shed!!

Big Paulie 06-27-06 07:13 PM


Originally Posted by p8rider
stapfam - That is one nice bike shed!!


This is a man who has his priorities in order!

old99 06-27-06 07:25 PM

Clicks is interesting. Clicks will often go away all by themselves if left alone--usually right about the time of some type of failure. It's your bicycle's way of telling you that something is wrong.

I've yet to find a mechanical anything that repairs itself when left alone. Usually the opposite.

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