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stapfam 07-03-06 03:01 PM

I have a nightmare. Beautiful day and I jump on my bike and start riding and find myself in amongst a group of younger riders. No problems as I hold my own up against these young lads and stay with them all the way. Long right hand curve comes up that seems to go on and on and on, but the speed stays up- Suddenly find ourselves alongside a group of horse riders and I think they are in trouble. The lead rider is only a young girl and she is holding on for grim death , and crying out for the horse to stop. Then on the outside of us appears a car full of snotty nosed young Punks, just out of diapers and they start laughing at me. They don’t overtake and just hold themselves on the outside of us laughing and jeering at me. Then I hear a siren and look behind- and it is a Fire engine- lights flashing and the siren going all the time- But I am stuck. Young punks outside me- Bolting horse on the inside and Nowhere for me to go- No matter how fast I pedal- I cannot overtake anything as the ones on the side of me hold station and the fire engine does not pull back to allow me to slowdown and pull in.

My question is- “What do I do Now”

backinthesaddle 07-03-06 03:07 PM

time to wake up and take a bike ride to clear your head!

webist 07-03-06 03:40 PM

Just wake up.

edp773 07-03-06 05:20 PM

Somewhere along your endless corner there will be oncoming traffic, one way or anoher eliminating your snot nosed punks in the car. Besides they are the only ones with plates and are in the wrong lane passing.

Time for one long interval and to check your HR when you wake up. :rolleyes:

NOS88 07-03-06 07:16 PM

Stop eating those burritos before you go to bed! :) Man, that's quite a nightmare. I've never really had a negative dream about cycling. I'd just be thankful that there were no snakes in the dream! A good therapist could get a summer home out of this one. ;)

Baggsy 07-03-06 07:33 PM

Shift's a road-bike, remember?

centexwoody 07-04-06 10:30 AM

My question is- “What do I do Now”
1) check the level of your bed to see if you're sleeping with your head downhill...

2) talk to your new road bike in a different tone to improve its responsiveness...

3) put a flower vase on the handlebars so you can always take time to smell the flowers (like the new VW Beetles have on their dashboards)

4) use only genuine original Tabasco instead of cheap imitations

5) talk to your local MP about increasing your bicycle advocacy involvement (and thereby reducing any subliminal guilt concerning your commitment)

6) get up, eat a banana & sit at the kitchen table wondering "what the h*** is going on in my head?"

7) shift gears & fly out of danger (the E.T. approach)

stapfam 07-04-06 03:32 PM

Whats happens Next?

The wife brings me back to reality by telling me

You'r drunk again -Now get off that kiddies fairground roundabout before you break it

centexwoody 07-04-06 04:16 PM

now I understand...small wonder! I'm off to see holiday fireworks

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