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jak61 07-17-06 06:03 AM

Just curious if anyone is or has used the IDEAL SEAT, which I have seen on Ebay. I go on shorter rides of 10 to 30 miles and my seat is the only problem I have when riding. I am 45 and bike for exercise as I had bypass surgery a few years ago. Got into biking and love it. I ride a Motobecane mountain bike that I have modified to a road cruiser. Just can't find the right seat though. Maybe some input from you all might get me comfortable in the saddle. Keep on biking!!!! :) :) :)

Baggsy 07-17-06 06:53 AM

IDEAL as in Ideale the french version of the Brooks? or a new Ideal?

JoeUser 07-17-06 07:03 AM

I've never ridden one, but it looks really heavy, and it doesn't have much of a horn. That could become an issue when it comes to steering, depending on how fast you ride. But if you're cruising, it might be fine. As far as cushy, it looks cushy as all get out. My only other concern with such a wide saddle would be chaffing. I don't know what kind of position you ride in, but if you have the original handlebars on your bike and the saddle is where it should be, you might get raw. If you have riser bars or your seat is really low, probably not.

NOS88 07-17-06 07:56 AM

Man, if it's the French version of the Brooks RIDER BEWARE! The darn thing has a plastic base and never breaks in.

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