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Blackberry 07-25-06 05:10 PM

Pie Report
I normally spin out my workdays in an office, but I had a business trip today to Herndon, Virginia. That's where I happened upon a shop called "Mom's Apple Pies." But they didn't just sell apple pies. They had cherry pies, blueberry piece, mince pies, cream pies, key lime pies, mile-high meringue pies and all manner of other pies.

I asked the clerk to direct me to their best fruit pie. Without hesitation, she said, "Blackberry." She said, "We only use fresh blackberries grown on our own farm. The pie is only available for a couple of months a year, and the berries are at their ripest right now."

Somehow I managed to get the pie home to Mrs. Blackberry without digging into it. We decided to have a slice for an appetizer. It was so good, we had a slice for dinner. And then another one for desert. It was pure pie heaven.

So if you're ever in Northern Virginia, I recommend you check out There are four locations.

rck 07-26-06 10:28 AM

The best fruit pies are always the one made with in season fruit!

Monoborracho 07-26-06 02:22 PM

I would have purchased two of them, and then eaten one on the way home.

Blackberry 07-26-06 02:23 PM

Originally Posted by Monoborracho
I would have purchased two of them, and then eaten one on the way home.

Before making any other important decision, I'm calling you. You're a genius.

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