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Digital Gee 08-06-06 08:43 PM

My ride wasn't so fun...
I'd always heard it was a blast to ride the coast highway (route 101), so today I took the bike to Del Mar and rode from there to Carlsbad and back along that road. It just wasn't much fun, because the traffic was horrendous! The bike lanes were wide, but frequently there was a surfer parked in one loading or unloading his van, and not only was the traffic loud and heavy, but I had to stay alert not to be doored on the right.

I was hoping the views would compensate for the downsides, but actually, this portion of the route is just one small beach town after another, and nothing particularly scenic about that. The time I got to see the ocean was pretty brief.

Pretty strong headwind going north, but not too bad coming south. Just not relaxing, I suppose. It was fun, just not too fun. Oh well -- I suppose they can't all be perfect!

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