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jppe 09-10-06 04:01 PM

Birthday ride!!
With a tough century coming up next weekend I opted to go up to the NC mountains and get in some climbing today. It was surprisingly cooler than I was expecting but once I got into the climbing portions it was perfect conditions.

The weather was great until ol' Grandfather Mountain saw me pedaling near it's base along the Parkway and caused a huge, huge downpour. I wound up riding for at least an hour in cold, cold rain that was coming down so hard there was an inch or two of water on the roads. I was asking myself-so this is how I chose to spend my birthday????

There were a couple of descents where I'd normally hit 40 mph where I was braking trying to avoid hydroplaning and going down. Just typical of how fickle the weather can be up that way.

Anyway I got in about 70 miles with about 6500 feet of climbing. Now I just have to drop a couple more pounds so NO birthday cake or pie until after the ride next weekend!! That's my excuse for keeping my birthday spread out for a week!!!

mollusk 09-10-06 04:15 PM

Have a very happy birthday!

You can have some cake, but only if you don't take the second water bottle next weekend.:eek:

Grampy™ 09-10-06 04:24 PM

Good ride.... sounds like you are ready for the century. :beer:

p8rider 09-10-06 04:34 PM

jppe - You do more on a prep weekend than most of us manage for the main event.
Nothing like a good mountain rainy ride to make you think of golf.
Good luck next weekend. I believe it's the Bridge to Bridge?

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