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dauphin 09-13-06 04:27 PM

What does your handle mean?
I am sure this has probably been done before...but how did you come up with your BikeForum handle/username/callsign? Some are pretty straight forward and some might as well be hieroglyphics. Mine is from a particular animal that appears in a business logo. At the time I first tried to create a nickname, I found that there were way too many "dolphin" names so I simply used dauphin. Obviously, a lot of the handles here are cycling related. Tell us how you came up with yours....:)

linux_author 09-13-06 04:33 PM

handle == Citizens Band lingo
username == 'puter talk
callsign == ham speak

mine? because Linux has been very good to me, señor!


Little Darwin 09-13-06 04:35 PM

My first name is Darwin. My father's name is Darwin.

My parents were divorced when I was young, and until about 8 or 10 years ago I had no contact with my father or that side of the family.

At a family reunion, I was always referred to as Little Darwin by people who hadn't seen me for almost 40 years... The last they saw me, I was not even in school yet. The term was pretty funny because I am about 6 inches taller than my father, and outweighed him by about 200 pounds (I am a little closer to his weight now, but still a long way to go).

Even though this was my first time at the reunion, they had them every other year for quite a while. At the end of the weekend, they always have an award ceremony, and everyone gets some sort of award. I was called forward as Little Darwin, and my cousin thought maybe I should be called Darwin Jr. But, I insisted on Little Darwin... I enjoyed the irony, and hope one day that the title is a little less ironic. :D

Gary Diego 09-13-06 04:59 PM

As a fictional poster, it was tough to come up with a handle. So I just used my real name...

CrossChain 09-13-06 05:00 PM

LIttle Darwin, I smiled with a sense of recognition at your story. Called myself CrossChain (used to be GrannyGear because I would, out of vanity and pure pig-headedness, refuse to use that inner chainring-- oh the shame of it!--no matter the degree or length of incline. I've since come to my senses. Meantime, exteme chain angles cause me an amusing amount of emotional anguish .... hence "CrossChain".

fifty5 09-13-06 05:05 PM

1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+ 1+1+1+1+1=fifty5

Artkansas 09-13-06 05:07 PM

I create art. I live in Arkansas. I enjoy a good pun. You figure it out.

My avatar is the lion from the animation "Kenya". That animation is very good at capturing the feeling of being at work at 4am.


Big Paulie 09-13-06 05:08 PM

I know everyone's been wondering about my handle :) , so I guess it's time to put the mystery to rest. :p

My name is Paul, and I'm big for my age. :D

Artkansas 09-13-06 05:10 PM


Originally Posted by dauphin
I am sure this has probably been done before...but how did you come up with your BikeForum handle/username/callsign? Some are pretty straight forward and some might as well be hieroglyphics. Mine is from a particular animal that appears in a business logo.

Darned, and I thought you were heir to the throne of France.

ollo_ollo 09-13-06 05:24 PM

I wanted a pictograph & at the time, I had two bikes....of course its gone way beyond that number now.

pastorbobnlnh 09-13-06 05:36 PM

This is what I'm called at the church. The rest describes where I live. I started adding the NLNH long before BF when I found too many pastorbob user names already taken on other web sites.

Monoborracho 09-13-06 05:49 PM

I once frequented a place in deep south Texas named El Mono Borracho. It was in another lifetime.

It means DRUNKEN MONKEY, hence the avatar. I always liked the way the name rolls off the tongue in Spanish.

bigbossman 09-13-06 05:50 PM

"Bigbossman" - from the legendary Jimmy Reed blues tune of the same name.

NOS88 09-13-06 06:15 PM

NOS88 - Recently returning to cycling I feel like new old stock. I also rode my first century with a guy who was 88. I figured this was a good age at which I would no longer think of myself as a newbie.

Grampy™ 09-13-06 06:18 PM

I'm a Grandfather. :D

OH306 09-13-06 06:22 PM

I live in OHio on state route 306. It required little imagination.

Dogbait 09-13-06 06:43 PM

When I was three or four, I would munch on the occasional Milk-Bone. How was I to know that "you are what you eat" meant forever? Now I am chased by dogs that haven't been off the porch in months.

HAMMER MAN 09-13-06 06:47 PM

I push big gears, and I like to hammer chase after other riders who are ahead of me

BluesDawg 09-13-06 06:57 PM

I sing the blues and play blues harmonica. When I was a little boy, my Daddy told me that I was a Baptist, an American and a Georgia Bulldog fan - not necessarily in that order. How 'bout them Dawgs? WOOF WOOF!

Nermal 09-13-06 06:57 PM

My first choice was Roger, because, well, that's my name. Someone already had it; I looked around in desperation, at a time when Nermal was using my leg for a scratching post. Still, Scratching Post didn't quite fit my self image, so I went with Nermal.

Nermal, by the way is Garfield's wiseguy little nephew. Cat and name both look normal, but on closer inspection. . . .

rm -rf 09-13-06 07:08 PM

linux_author will recognise this. Unix or linux has some powerful commands. This one would delete every file on your disk if you started in the '/' directory. It assumes you know what you are doing, but doesn't get in your way, either.

John E 09-13-06 07:27 PM

My paternal grandmother was born in Surrey, England and lived much of her life in Hawaii (Kauai and Oahu), where she was a fourth-grade school teacher and librarian. She once commented that her grandchildren could call her "Tutu" (Hawaiian for grandmother) or "Grandma," but definitely not "Grannie." With an invitation like that, what was a 10-year-old boy to do? She retalliated by starting to call me "Johnnie," observing, "Well, he is John E., you know." This good-natured exchange, often punctuated by birthday cards, "To Johnnie from his Ever-Lovin' Grannie," continued until her death at age 92. My username, which I also use on,, and, is a way of honoring her memory.

On eBay, I use tullio-49th, because I was born on Tullio Campagnolo's 49th birthday.

Trsnrtr 09-13-06 07:50 PM

My username is my last name with the vowels removed. It goes back to ye old days when usernames couldn't exceed 8 characters, so I just removed the vowels.

BW, my last name and first name only contain 'e's and 'i's in them. :)

Dnns Trsnrtr

ScrubJ 09-13-06 08:11 PM

My wife and I enjoy the outdoors quite a bit, this includes birding trips to different birding areas of the state. The scrub jay is a threatened bird in Florida, figured I'd honor it a bit.

Grand Bois 09-13-06 08:12 PM

A Nitto stem that I purchased shortly before registering here. It was just the first bike-related word that came to mind.

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